Establishing an Investment Brand

Establishing a powerful investment thesis and messaging throughout your IR communications drives value

Investor Relations

Two companies specializing in unique spaces within the building products market merged to create the largest manufacturer of exterior building products in North America. As the merged entity launched under a new name, it was critical to effectively establish and market the company’s new investment brand.

The company partnered with Dix & Eaton to elevate the investor relations function and fine-tune the company’s investment thesis. Dix & Eaton supported the company in numerous ways, including:

  • Established the earnings process and baseline format for all quarterly earnings materials (e.g., release, scripts and presentation) and quarterly earnings reports for the Board.
  • Developed core messaging; supported drafting of the earnings releases, investor conference call scripts and other announcements; provided in-depth peer reporting and benchmarking; and drove content development and design of the company’s earnings presentations.
  • Produced the company’s first annual report – including theme ideation, writing, design development and production support.

The new company established a strong reputation in the investment community and among industry peers. In addition, the investor relations officer was recognized internally as a strong conduit between the Street, management team and the Board. As further evidence that the company’s investment proposition resonated with key external stakeholders, the company was acquired by a prominent private equity firm at a significant premium for investors.


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