Our philosophy

At Dix & Eaton, we are dedicated to building and maintaining an environment where people from all backgrounds feel – and are – welcomed, supported, appreciated and respected. We are guided by our culture of client service, partnership, colleague fulfillment, and diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) and embed DEIB principles into everything we do. We acknowledge that this requires ongoing effort and persistence, and we measure progress by three key indicators:

  • Build a more inclusive work environment. We strive to maintain an environment where everyone can flourish and feel a sense of belonging.
  • Increase the diversity of our colleague population. We are implementing strategies to proactively attract a diverse pool of talent for open positions.
  • Serve as a determined, progress-focused voice. We start with listening, observing and actively attuning our capacity for empathy to address improvements in race relations, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.
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Our areas of focus


Enhance all colleagues’ knowledge and understanding of DEIB in the areas of best practices and what DEIB means at D&E


Create a more inclusive environment where everyone can thrive, be their authentic selves and feel safe speaking their truth


Ensure our workforce more closely reflects our community where we live and work, as well as the clients we partner with

Theresa Allen

Director of DEIB and Controller

“As a Black and Puerto Rican woman who’s spent the majority of my career in a field where many don’t look like me, this work is even more integral for me. While our journey hasn’t been easy, nor is it over, we are committed in our pursuit to ensure everyone is heard and that they have a seat at the table.”

Dix and Eaton team at a function

Our progress so far & our journey ahead

While we are confident that the DEIB work we’ve done so far is improving our culture, we acknowledge that there is always more to learn and implement. Over the past few years, DEIB efforts have included:

  • Establishment of a cross-functional team
  • Attendance at numerous diversity-focused community events to learn and expand our network
  • Organized bi-monthly social gatherings to build our colleague community
  • Revised the language of our policies and benefit offerings for greater inclusivity

Ongoing and future initiatives that are helping us continue our DEIB journey include:

  • Diversity-focused recruiting efforts for staff and Board of Directors
  • Individualized DEIB learning paths, and workshops for all colleagues to increase knowledge and awareness
  • Guiding our clients through communication about DEIB strategies and efforts, including ESG/sustainability reporting

We are always looking to welcome new talent to our team who can help us along this journey.

Earlier this week, members of our team gathered at woman-owned @whistle.cle in celebration of #WomensHistoryMonth. It was nice to take a break from our busy season to catch up with coworkers and celebrate the women of D&E. Our commitment to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace extends far beyond this month. It’s a year-round dedication that we uphold with pride. 
We asked Whistle owner, Anya Hubert, about the significance of her status as a woman business owner in Cleveland. Anya said, "Having my own business as a woman in Cleveland means everything to me. It empowers me to work hard and reminds me what it takes to achieve a successful business. It allows my own creative and entrepreneurial skills to thrive, and keeps me focused, busy and booked – as well as providing a huge sense of achievement. Being a woman, and a positive leader for all my staff, means a lot to me. It also humbles me, yet reminds me how strong and independent women are, especially in Cleveland." Thanks for hosting us, Anya! 
In accordance with the theme of the event, "Leading with Heart: Empathy, Ethics & Excellence," five remarkable women in leadership from Northeast Ohio shared their inspiring journeys and invaluable lessons learned along the way. Each panelist delved into a key aspect of leadership, offering profound insights for those just starting out, emphasizing the significance of mentorship, leading crucial conversations, and respecting the intersectionality of identities. Thank you to the Ohio Diversity Council for organizing this enlightening and powerful event!  #DEIBatDE #DEIB #DEI
This #WomensHistoryMonth, we celebrate the fierce women who champion equity, diversity and inclusion every day. Together, we're rewriting the narrative and building a more inclusive future.  As a 100% employee-owned firm, we are proud that 78% of our employee-owners are women, and that both of our operating groups – in Cleveland and St. Louis – have women in leadership positions. 
This #BlackHistoryMonth, we pay tribute to the profound impact of African Americans on the arts. At Dix & Eaton, we recognize the power of diverse voices in shaping narratives. Just as the arts inspire, our commitment to inclusive communication fuels innovation and connection. Let's celebrate the beauty of storytelling and creativity, as well as the impact they have on the world.  To read more, click the link in our bio.  #DEIBatDE #DEIB #DEI
Members of our team attended the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission Awards last week. They had a great time networking and celebrating Cleveland athletes, as well as applauding the $917M worth of economic activity that GCSC has brought to Northeast Ohio since 2000.  #DEIBatDE #DEIB #DEI
Today we commemorate #MLKDay and honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s contributions to the civil rights movement. We recognize that the pursuit of equality and justice is ongoing. As such, we prioritize inclusion as one of our #DEIB areas of focus, echoing Dr. King’s dream of a world where everyone thrives side by side. 
To learn more about Dr. King, visit the link in our bio.  #DEIBatDE #DEIB #DEI

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Lisa Rose

Director of DEIB and Controller

Theresa Allen

Chief Client Officer and Senior Managing Director

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Assistant Vice President

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