Our philosophy

At Dix & Eaton, we are dedicated to building and maintaining an environment where people from all backgrounds feel – and are – welcomed, supported, appreciated and respected. We are guided by our culture of client service, partnership, colleague fulfillment, and diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) and embed DEIB principles into everything we do. We acknowledge that this requires ongoing effort and persistence, and we measure progress by three key indicators:

  • Build a more inclusive work environment. We strive to maintain an environment where everyone can flourish and feel a sense of belonging.
  • Increase the diversity of our colleague population. We are implementing strategies to proactively attract a diverse pool of talent for open positions.
  • Serve as a determined, progress-focused voice. We start with listening, observing and actively attuning our capacity for empathy to address improvements in race relations, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.
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Our areas of focus


Enhance all colleagues’ knowledge and understanding of DEIB in the areas of best practices and what DEIB means at D&E


Create a more inclusive environment where everyone can thrive, be their authentic selves and feel safe speaking their truth


Ensure our workforce more closely reflects our community where we live and work, as well as the clients we partner with

Theresa Allen

Director of DEIB and Controller

“As a Black and Puerto Rican woman who’s spent the majority of my career in a field where many don’t look like me, this work is even more integral for me. While our journey hasn’t been easy, nor is it over, we are committed in our pursuit to ensure everyone is heard and that they have a seat at the table.”

Dix and Eaton team at a function

Our progress so far & our journey ahead

While we are confident that the DEIB work we’ve done so far is improving our culture, we acknowledge that there is always more to learn and implement. Over the past few years, DEIB efforts have included:

  • Establishment of a cross-functional team
  • Attendance at numerous diversity-focused community events to learn and expand our network
  • Organized bi-monthly social gatherings to build our colleague community
  • Revised the language of our policies and benefit offerings for greater inclusivity

Ongoing and future initiatives that are helping us continue our DEIB journey include:

  • Diversity-focused recruiting efforts for staff and Board of Directors
  • Individualized DEIB learning paths, and workshops for all colleagues to increase knowledge and awareness
  • Guiding our clients through communication about DEIB strategies and efforts, including ESG/sustainability reporting

We are always looking to welcome new talent to our team who can help us along this journey.

Today, we honor Juneteenth – a day that celebrates the liberation of African Americans and reminds us of both the progress made and the work still ahead. At Dix & Eaton, we are dedicated to amplifying voices, telling stories and driving change to make those dreams a reality. We give our employees a paid day off to reflect, learn and engage with the significance of this historic day to deepen our understanding and commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. 
Join us in celebrating Juneteenth and reflecting on this year’s theme, “Their Wildest Dreams,” which honors our ancestors and highlights present accomplishments. Today, we look back on our journey, recognize how far we’ve come, and reaffirm our commitment to a future where equality and justice prevail. 
#Juneteenth #TheirWildestDreams #DEIBatDE #DEIB #DEI
This #PrideMonth, Theresa Allen, our Director of DEIB and Controller, will be attending Ohio Diversity Council’s LGBTQ+ Unity Summit for the second consecutive year. It will be a chance to hear from panelists who will share best practices, leadership strategies and community issues related to LGBTQ+ inclusivity in the workplace. Theresa looks forward to bringing these valuable insights back to our team at Dix & Eaton. As we celebrate Pride Month, we reaffirm our unwavering commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. 
Interested in attending? Register through the link in our bio. 
We are proud to announce a promotion and two additions to our team!  •Sarah Hihn has been promoted to senior director of human resources.  •Maddie Winer has joined the firm as a senior account executive.  •Eric Klinger has been hired as an assistant vice president.  Learn more about our team members by clicking the link in our bio.  #DEIBatDE #DEIB #DEI
Last week, members of the D&E team attended @greater_cle's Annual Event. The evening featured a panel discussion focused on the impact of inclusion and remarks from Paul Dolan and Baiju Shah about the continuing rise of our great city. We are proud to work In Unity with so many organizations in greater Cleveland – and we're #AllIn for the future of CLE!  We'd also like to thank Chas Withers, our chairman and CEO, for his work as a Board member for GCP.  #GreaterCLE #DEIBatDE #DEIB #DEI
Part of our all-staff meeting earlier this month was a service activity for @riseagainsthunger, a nonprofit organization that collects and sends meals across the world as it works to end global hunger. Our team members worked together to pack 10,152 meals in under two hours. That's enough to provide 47 children with one meal a day for an entire school year.  We are grateful for the opportunity to make a difference wherever we can – giving back to organizations that make an impact, locally and globally, is a central part of the Dix & Eaton mission.  #DEIBatDE #DEIB #DEI
Last week, we hosted an all-staff meeting over two days in Cleveland, bringing together colleagues from our Dix & Eaton and Standing Partnership Operating Groups for the first time in person since we joined forces last fall.  The gathering included events and exercises designed to help us continue to build our community and culture, and to learn and discuss how we can collectively move our clients and our business forward.  We were also proud to show off some of Cleveland’s gems to our colleagues from more than 9 states, including an evening event at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and a lunchtime dine-around activity where more than 61 of us broke off into smaller groups to support local downtown restaurants. We ended our time together with a service project that included packing more than 10,000 meals for Rise Against Hunger.  The team is still buzzing from the momentum we created last week, and we’re excited to put that energy to work for our clients and our communities!  #DE #StandingPartnership #TheLand #TheLou #DEIBatDE #DEIB #DEI
In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month in May, Dix & Eaton recognizes the significance of mental health and its profound impact on our daily lives. That's why we wholeheartedly encourage our team members to take advantage of the mental health day benefit we provide for all employees. Prioritizing mental well-being is essential, and we're committed to supporting our staff in taking care of themselves. 
#MentalHealthAwarenessMonth #DEIBatDE #DEIB #DEI
Theresa Allen, Director of DEIB and Controller, alongside Sarah Hihn, Director of Human Resources, recently participated in a three-day retreat organized by @GettingToWe titled "Bridging, Bonding & Building Women’s Social Trust Retreat."  This retreat provided a unique opportunity for competency building and transformation, fostering social trust among a diverse group of women. Together, the participants explored and exchanged their aspirations and concerns concerning gender solidarity and strategies for advancing racial equity.  #GettingToWe #DEIBatDE #DEIB #DEI
We are fortunate to have the best administrative professionals around!  So on National Administrative Professionals Day, please join us in celebrating Theresa Allen, Donna Harlan, Sarah Hihn, Kalen Knight and Cheri Walczak.  Our team is so grateful for all of the work that our administrative colleagues do for us – from coordinating meetings, to helping us process invoices and paperwork, to ensuring that our benefits are comprehensive and competitive. Their daily support helps us work at our best, and we couldn't succeed without them!  #DEIBatDE #DEIB #DEI
Happy Earth Day! As a communications firm with significant sustainability/ESG communications capabilities and reach, we're committed to raising awareness, driving progress and collaborating with clients on their environmental communications. Let's work together to protect our environment, and ensure a greener, cleaner future for generations to come. 
#EarthDay2024 #Sustainability #EarthDay #PlanetVsPlastics #DEIBatDE #DEIB #DEI
Over the past couple of months, members of our team have had the honor of collaborating with Deborah Plummer to support the promotion of her film, Trust in Black and White. Trust in Black and White is a captivating documentary that delves into intricate dynamics of social trust between Black and White women, offering a raw and transformative cinematic experience.  Our team provided pro-bono support of the film, which included creating its website, crafting a press kit and conducting media outreach to raise awareness of Deborah's documentary, which debuted at the Cleveland International Film Festival. Pictured here are Lori Stevic-Rust and Deborah Plummer being interviewed by Leon Bibb in a news segment we arranged.  We take great pride in contributing to the launch of such a powerful documentary and encourage you to watch the trailer by clicking the link in our bio.  #DEIB #DEIBatDE

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Director of DEIB and Controller

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Chief Client Officer and Senior Managing Director

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