Our philosophy

At Dix & Eaton, we are dedicated to building and maintaining an environment where people from all backgrounds feel – and are – welcomed, supported, appreciated and respected. We are guided by our culture of client service, partnership, colleague fulfillment, and diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) and embed DEIB principles into everything we do. We acknowledge that this requires ongoing effort and persistence, and we measure progress by three key indicators:

  • Build a more inclusive work environment. We strive to maintain an environment where everyone can flourish and feel a sense of belonging.
  • Increase the diversity of our colleague population. We are implementing strategies to proactively attract a diverse pool of talent for open positions.
  • Serve as a determined, progress-focused voice. We start with listening, observing and actively attuning our capacity for empathy to address improvements in race relations, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.
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Our areas of focus


Enhance all colleagues’ knowledge and understanding of DEIB in the areas of best practices and what DEIB means at D&E


Create a more inclusive environment where everyone can thrive, be their authentic selves and feel safe speaking their truth


Ensure our workforce more closely reflects our community where we live and work, as well as the clients we partner with

Theresa Allen

Director of DEIB and Controller

“As a Black and Puerto Rican woman who’s spent the majority of my career in a field where many don’t look like me, this work is even more integral for me. While our journey hasn’t been easy, nor is it over, we are committed in our pursuit to ensure everyone is heard and that they have a seat at the table.”

Dix and Eaton team at a function

Our progress so far & our journey ahead

While we are confident that the DEIB work we’ve done so far is improving our culture, we acknowledge that there is always more to learn and implement. Over the past few years, DEIB efforts have included:

  • Establishment of a cross-functional team
  • Attendance at numerous diversity-focused community events to learn and expand our network
  • Organized bi-monthly social gatherings to build our colleague community
  • Revised the language of our policies and benefit offerings for greater inclusivity

Ongoing and future initiatives that are helping us continue our DEIB journey include:

  • Diversity-focused recruiting efforts for staff and Board of Directors
  • Individualized DEIB learning paths, and workshops for all colleagues to increase knowledge and awareness
  • Guiding our clients through communication about DEIB strategies and efforts, including ESG/sustainability reporting

We are always looking to welcome new talent to our team who can help us along this journey.

November 19th is International Men's Day, a worldwide opportunity to honor the positive value men bring to the world, their families and communities, and workplaces (like D&E). This year's theme is "Zero Male Suicide," to raise awareness about the importance of caring for men's health and well-being. Learn more at the link in our bio.  #DEIB #DEIBatDE #InternationalMensDay
Last week Theresa Allen, Director of DEIB and Controller, and Stephanie Hering, Graphic Designer, attended Engage! Cleveland's DE&I conference. The conference brought together professionals passionate about creating an inclusive workforce.  Stephanie said that she enjoyed "learning from advocates in the Cleveland area who discussed what it really means to be an ally in all aspects of life and how to have hard conversations in productive ways that create a safe space for all."  Click the link in our bio to learn more about DEI&B initiatives.  #DEIB #DEIBatDE #DEI
They might not be easy, but tough conversations are sometimes necessary in the workplace to help colleagues clear the air and navigate difficult situations. In our newest blog post, Theresa Allen provides five reasons why these conversations are important to maintain a healthy and productive working environment. Click the link in our bio to learn more. 
Is your organization's website ADA compliant? Ensuring that content is accessible to all users is a big undertaking, but it's worth the investment to be sure all visitors have the same experience with the content. In his blog post, Kevin Poor, senior managing director and creative director at D&E, shares three steps to take in order to verify that your website is compliant. Click the link in our bio to read more.  #DEIBatDE #DEIB #DEI
October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month – an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of employees with disabilities and raise our awareness of the complex term "disability." At D&E, our team members attend learning sessions and hold internal conversations to advance equity, inclusion and belonging, both within the firm and in our counsel to clients. Click the link in our bio to learn more.  #DEIBatDE #NDEAM #DEIB
Dix & Eaton is proud to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. Lasting from September 15th–October 15th, this upcoming month focuses on spreading appreciation for the culture and contributions of Hispanic and Latin Americans. Join us in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by reflecting on and understanding the purpose of this year’s theme: prosperity, power and progress.  To learn more about Hispanic Heritage Month, click the link in our bio.  #DEIBatDE #DEIB #DEI
September is National Service Dog Month. During this month-long celebration, we take time to understand and honor the life-changing impact service dogs make every day for people with disabilities.  A service dog begins its training as a puppy, and that training takes almost two years before the dog is fully ready to perform tasks that help make life easier for people with disabilities. People must apply for service dogs and go through a long process as well, including training with the dog. Remember, as adorable as those service dogs might be, do not pet one that has a vest on -- it is hard at work!  Learn more about the service dog journey and etiquette through the link in our bio.  #DEIBatDE #DEIB #DEI
We would like to congratulate our colleague who was recently promoted and welcome our new hires!  •Daijha Johnson has been promoted to senior account executive  •Theresa Gutierrez is our newest assistant vice president  •Jake Watroba has joined the firm as a senior account executive  •Stephanie Hering has been hired into our creative practice as a graphic designer  Learn more by clicking the link in our bio.  #DEIBatDE #DEIB #DEI
We are pleased to announce that Theresa Allen has been appointed to be the firm’s first director of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB), in addition to continuing her role as controller. In this role, she will help the firm focus on education, inclusion and community. About her new role, Theresa says:  “As a Black and Puerto Rican woman who’s spent the majority of my career in a field where many don’t look like me, this work is even more integral for me. While our journey hasn’t been easy, nor is it over, we are committed in our pursuit to ensure everyone is heard and that they have a seat at the table.”  Click the link in our bio to learn more about DEIB at Dix & Eaton.  #DEIB #DEIBatDE #DEI

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Director of DEIB and Controller

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Chief Client Officer and Senior Managing Director

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