• Strategy and messaging
  • Benchmarking and competitive analysis
  • Stakeholder engagement and materiality assessment
  • Reporting, including GRI, SASB, TCFD
  • ESG ratings support
  • Roadmap for long-term strategy
  • Rollout of new programs, products and services
  • Grassroots community outreach
  • Employee engagement and participation

Sustainability is in the corporate mainstream. Managing and communicating about it and engaging with investors, customers, employees and communities are core responsibilities. We meet each client where it is on its journey and deliver strategic insight and corporate reporting solutions that tell a compelling story, provide relevant data in context and engage stakeholders in a meaningful way. Our work helps public and private companies understand and manage the expectations of outside influences, including environmental, social and governance (ESG) raters, sustainability and ESG standards, activists, regulators, and pundits.

Sustainability reports have the task of addressing the information needs of a wide variety of stakeholders. Add in growing regulatory pressure, and the trend toward more reporting, disclosure and transparency is unmistakable.

Gregg Labar, Senior Managing Director

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