Gregg LaBar

Senior Managing Director

PHONE: 216-241-4614

In his role as a Senior Managing Director, Gregg is responsible for leading the firm’s Sustainability/ESG Communications practice, which consists of a creative, experienced team of strategists, project leaders, writers, editors and graphic design specialists. Gregg is knowledgeable on a wide range of environmental topics, including EHS performance, risk management, climate risk, water risk, waste reduction and environmentally responsible products, as well as other ESG topics such as diversity, equity and inclusion, supply chain responsibility, governance and ethics, and ESG ratings, standards and frameworks. In a fast-changing field, Gregg and the team work to stay ahead of the trends and external pressures, create best practices and drive impact for clients at various stages of their sustainability/ESG journeys.

Gregg’s work at Dix & Eaton focuses on high-impact situations for clients such as Adtalem Global Education, CDW, Covia Corp., Huntington Bank, ITW and Owens Corning. A writer and editor by training, Gregg specializes in corporate storytelling and linking messages and actions to strategy. Prior to joining Dix & Eaton more than 20 years ago, Gregg covered EHS issues in the trade media for 10 years, and before that, was a sports editor.

Specializes in:

  • Sustainability/ESG Communications Strategy
  • Sustainability/ESG Reporting and Disclosure
  • Corporate Storytelling
  • Investor Relations Counsel

Involved with:

  • Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio Board member
  • National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) member
  • NIRI’s IR Update Editorial Advisory Board member
  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards certification
  • ESG ratings, standards, frameworks and regulatory actions


  • Team sports at all levels
  • Playing golf with his children and friends
  • Finding warm, sunny weather for vacation