An Outsourced IR Solution

Gaining specialized IR expertise with flexibility to scale support as needed

Investor Relations

Similar to other microcap companies, the chief financial officer at a top U.S. metals service center is responsible for the investor relations function. As a result, internal resources and support for investor relations are limited.

The team at this company opted to outsource much of the investor relations function to Dix & Eaton. This solution enabled the company to gain specialized expertise without a costly full-time hire, as well as the flexibility to scale up or down as needed.

Dix & Eaton became this company’s long-term investor relations partner, and continues to provide ongoing support in numerous forms:

  • Senior-level counsel on strategy and messaging
  • Day-to-day support drafting quarterly earnings materials
  • Preparation of quarterly investor relations reports for the Board
  • Development of the annual report
  • Editorial reviews of additional investor communications (including ESG content)
  • Maintenance of investor presentation and website content

Together we have worked to elevate the company’s investment story and ensure its  strategy and path forward are resonating with the investment community.


Please note: This example was written with anonymity to protect client confidentiality. For further detail, please contact us.

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