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Stephanie Harig and Abbey Linville promoted to senior account executive at Dix & Eaton

After joyfully watching countless hours of basketball in the last week, I’m reminded of two things:  First, it is true that pure talent sometimes makes all the difference; and second; REAL talent is not just individual but is a blend of skills, traits and abilities that actually improves the performance of others.  Rare is the player, or person, who isn’t just great at his or her craft but who is also able to partner with others and make them better as well.

We’re very fortunate at Dix & Eaton to announce this week that we’re promoting a pair of individuals who epitomize both of those traits.  Stephanie Harig and Abbey Linville have been named senior account executives at the firm both because of their singular stand-out skills and their ability to influence teams in uniquely positive ways.  They’re also both fearless in their approach and attitude, stepping into complex, challenging situations and navigating circumstances to a positive end.

Stephanie joined Dix & Eaton in March 2013, and brings a range of capabilities in investor relations, corporate communications and sustainability strategy and marketing, where she has played a key role in guiding and expanding our firm’s national reach.  A cum laude graduate of Miami University who got her Master’s Degree at George Washington University, Stephanie has made “impact” her trademark at Dix & Eaton.  She is a fantastic collaborator and counselor.

Abbey Linville also wears many hats at the firm, leveraging her strong capabilities in crisis communications, media relations and social media to drive results for a variety of clients.  Since arriving at Dix & Eaton in July 2013 from Cleveland Clinic – where she led public relations initiatives for Cleveland Clinic Children’s – the Kent State graduate has carved a niche as a go-to strategist and practitioner who inspires trust by always going above and beyond for colleagues and clients. 

You can follow Stephanie and Abbey on Twitter and also frequently read their thoughts on the Dix & Eaton blog (Stephanie Harig blog posts; Abbey Linville blog posts). 

Talent does indeed make the difference, and we’re so proud to have Stephanie and Abbey lend their expertise and personalities to our team.  

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