by Lisa Rose

April 29, 2020

Earlier this year, I shared some personnel updates reinforcing the notion that everything starts with incredible talent. At that time, 2020 was off to a fast start and showing signs of being what I referred to as “a transformative year” for Dix & Eaton. Little did I know what an understatement that would be for our firm, our country and the world.

As we move through these uncertain times, I have been amazed and impressed by how our team is stepping up, supporting clients and each other, all while managing through outside stress with grace and understanding. While we are all learning how to do things differently, we are also growing in our appreciation of one another—from a distance. These days, it certainly feels like there is more negative news than positive, but we still think it is important to move forward with good news announcements when we have them.

So, today, I am announcing some good news – the promotion of Ann Lentz, who has been with our team for more than 20 years, and the hiring of Allison Wood, who has been with us for a little over one month. Here’s some background on these two fabulous employees.

Ann Lentz has been promoted to senior vice president, creative and program management. Ann has been around a bit and has seen a lot. Nothing surprises her. In her tenure, she has truly become a “Swiss army knife,” a counselor, an adept problem solver and a shoulder to lean on who happens to have a great sense of humor. Her portfolio of skills has grown over time and it has always been because she has stepped up to help lead the firm and her colleagues on strategic initiatives. We are so thankful to have her as a valued member of our team and look forward to her continued contributions.

Allison Wood has been hired as account executive. Our newest hire, Allison, just so happens to be our first-ever employee to be onboarded in an entirely remote manner. She has yet to spend an “official” first day in the office, but continues to work hard with the team despite not having met with anyone in person since her interview. She has an amazing skill set in digital advertising campaigns, paid search and display, SEO, social media and data analysis. In addition to her skill set, she has a positive personality, something that has not only helped through this transition, but also serves as an asset when working closely with clients and colleagues. We are excited to have Allison on board and know that she is only going to make us better at what we do.

So, a little ray of sunshine in an otherwise super trying time.  We are doing all we can to keep our people feeling supported and safe, and we hope to be back together soon.  We wish the same for you and your colleagues and families as well.  Here’s to celebrating what we can!