by Lisa Rose

July 7, 2020

In the past few months, there has been a significant mindset shift in how organizations think about the future of work now that many of us have had to quickly adjust to a new working environment. As we move forward, we will take what we have learned from this time to chart a different course for each of our organizations; but one thing will not change for certain—fabulous talent is still the key to success.

Today we announced the promotion of Amy McGahan, who has been with our team for more than 20 years, and the promotion of Kris Fiocca, who is in the early years of what promises to be a fantastic career. Here’s some background on two excellent employees that we are honored to call colleagues.

Dix and Eaton Amy McGahan

Amy McGahan was promoted to managing director in late 2019 and has now assumed leadership of our media relations practice. Over the years she has been with us, Amy has successfully helped clients through a variety of complex and fast-moving situations.  She does it all with a calm and engaging style, coupled with a deep knowledge of how the interconnected world of media works. What is most impressive is her ability to connect with others, which has earned her a stellar reputation with reporters, clients and colleagues.  Importantly, she is a treasured role model for women and a go-to resource for her colleagues on just about any topic. The fact that she has a caring attitude and an incredibly fast wit makes her one of the best people to work with. We are so excited to have her leadership and extensive experience on our team and look forward to her many continued contributions to the firm.

Dix and Eaton Kris Fiocca

Kris Fiocca started with us as an intern and officially joined us as a full-time employee in 2018. His easy style and unlimited curiosity have earned him accolades from a variety of clients where he has had immediate impact. A generalist in the true sense of the word, he has quickly become a go-to resource for media relations, social media, research, crisis situations and investor relations. In just two quick years, he has already accomplished a ton and we can’t wait to see what the future brings. We are incredibly fortunate to have such a caring and fun-loving professional on our team.

As we move toward the new normal, here’s to the great talent who help to make our journey during these tough times just a little bit easier. They bring it every single day and make us proud to call them colleagues. They truly make it happen and we are forever grateful.