Driving a unified corporate message in signature reports.

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Operating with a decentralized, entrepreneurial culture across multiple business segments in more than 50 countries, $14 billion ITW has few opportunities to communicate as one unified entity. Its “signature reports” – the annual report and the corporate social responsibility (CSR) report – provide two such opportunities.


Careful planning and execution are required to deliver messages and communications materials that are relevant for all of ITW’s diverse businesses, and delivering the annual and CSR report on a digital platform could add to the reach and impact for ITW.


  • The annual report summarizes ITW’s unique business model and enterprise strategy, provides insight into the company’s go-forward agenda, and highlights its corporate social responsibility framework
  • The CSR report showcases the company’s commitments to people, communities and the environment
  • Built by D&E as a microsite, the CSR report becomes a “living” document, with content refreshed throughout the year and full updates published annually about corporate social responsibility efforts


  • ITW’s CSR and annual report work together to deliver clear, concise corporate messages to its varied stakeholders
  • Supported by internal communications and social media engagement, the CSR microsite annually reaches over 6,400 visitors in 90 countries

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