Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Working with media to highlight this significant scientific find

Media Relations


After working 15 years at an Ethiopian archeological dig, a Cleveland Museum of Natural History curator made a discovery that revised contemporary understanding of how humanity evolved. After a scientific journal authenticated the museum’s research, the museum turned to Dix & Eaton for guidance on how to announce the discovery to the world.


Dix & Eaton formulated a media relations strategy that complemented the museum’s owned and shared tactics to maximize impact, explain the complicated science behind the discovery and support the Cleveland Museum of Natural History brand. Educating key journalists prior to the official release of the news was critical to ensuring accurate coverage.


  • Client preparation: D&E created and refined relevant messaging to explain the discovery and its significance, coordinated and provided input on the media release, informational graphics and videos and web presentation.
  • Strategic execution: D&E organized and participated in face-to-face media meetings with journalists in New York City, participated in a press briefing from Ethiopia and conducted proactive outreach to priority media.


  • More than 1,200 national, local, trade and blog posts; the coverage circulated around the world.
  • Placements in priority national media, including The New York Times, National Geographic, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, the Associated Press, BBC, CNN, USA Today, ABC News, NBC News, Fox News, the Smithsonian and more.
  • The news elevated the museum’s profile on social media and drove traffic to the museum’s website.

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