by Matt Barkett

October 22, 2018

In a world that is increasingly driven by social media and real time communication, the speed with which we conduct business needs to catch up to this ever-increasing pace. Effective and efficient communications is a critical component of success, particularly when a crisis hits. In response to this challenge, Dix & Eaton has developed an online crisis portal, replacing traditional printed crisis manuals and instilling a widely enhanced ability to effectively communicate in real time.

The Crisis Communications Center (C3), powered by Dix & Eaton, moves your crisis communications processes into a more accessible environment, enabling real-time action in the face of crisis situations. Traditional printed crisis manuals can become a liability in a world where crises demand immediate action. With the use of C3, speed of decision-making is improved by allowing broader access to online tools and templates on a variety of platforms that are accessible anywhere at a moment’s notice. C3 brings the crisis response up to today’s speed of business with a digital tool that ensures better protection for your organization, reputation and revenue stream.

Our C3 helps you manage a crisis with increased:

  • Efficiency
  • Updatability
  • Ease to stay in compliance
  • Accessibility
  • Comprehensive preparedness
  • Improved functionality
  • Scalability

The C3 digital crisis management tool is available in two tiers:

Tier I: This version moves your traditional printed crisis manual into a digital environment, accessible from multiple platforms and easily updated with new content.

Tier II: This version moves your traditional printed crisis manual into an interactive digital environment with the ability to manage crises in real time, allowing the user to log specific types of crisis incidents, assign tasks to crisis team members and communicate using the full power and efficiency of digital.

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