Crisis Communication Center (C3)

Building a platform for comprehensive crisis response.

Crisis Communications


Maintaining a cumbersome, heavy, printed crisis management manual for a major industrial manufacturer was inefficient, time consuming and fraught with security risks.


A digital crisis portal eliminates the need for a physical document and is faster and easier to access and update while enabling better coordination among crisis response teams.


  • Design a digital portal that makes customized escalation procedures, contact info, template news releases, employee emails, social posts and facility maps accessible online and truly interactive
  • Integrate a powerful planning and scheduling tool to help with the processes needed for crisis management and crisis response
  • Build the user experience from a mobile-first perspective


  • The Crisis Communications Center (C3) digital crisis communications portal brought the company’s crisis preparedness program into best practice in the industry
  • The company’s crisis management team is now able to coordinate crisis communication response activities from multiple locations, harnessing the power of the internet to enable their communications outreach in real time

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Chief Client Officer

Matt Barkett

Managing Director / Creative Director

Kevin Poor
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