by Lisa Zone

October 13, 2016

Fantasy Social: Draft the right platforms for your team

Are your B2B social media efforts going the extra yard for your business? Or are you pulling a Hail Mary and just praying that what you’re doing gets you across the goal line?

(Are my football references too much of a stretch? Probably. But stick with me here.)

Welcome to the first post in our new Fantasy Social blog series, where we’ll pit two social media platforms against each other in a weekly fantasy football-style matchup to help you determine which one(s) might work best for your B2B business.

Starting next week, we’ll evaluate head-to-head matchups based on the same criteria:

  • Fan Base– Who’s using each platform? What’s the demographic profile, audience size and, ultimately, reach to a B2B audience?
  • Social Skills– Does the platform require a beginner, intermediate or advanced skill level? How easy is it for community managers to curate a brand account?
  • Dual Threat– Can you meaningfully repurpose the content on this channel across your other social platforms? How easy and/or cost effective is it to use the platform’s paid advertising features?
  • Analytics – Can you prove the ROI of this platform to your C-suite? How easy is it to track and gauge influence, conversions or other metrics that are important to your success?
  • Longevity– Is it an extension of an existing platform where you may already have an established presence? Will the platform even be around in six months?

Next week’s matchup will be a battle between Instagram Stories and Snapchat, with expert analysis provided by my teammate Angela Almasy. Future posts will pit other platforms against each other, like LinkedIn Publishing vs. Medium and YouTube vs. Facebook Live (from me).

Do you have a platform you’d like our color commentary on? Email me and we’ll try to add it to our roster.

Which platforms will be your B2B business’ best “picks”?