Communications Strategy

You’ve been charged with creating content, amping up social media, building a new website or getting mentions in the media. In today’s busy world with limited time, few resources and tight budgets, it’s tempting to jump right to tactics. At Dix & Eaton, we’re excited about helping with any of those things, but we’ll always ask about objectives. Our first instinct is to solidify the strategy, create plans…and then implement the right solutions.  We often describe our process in three main steps:  Discover, Develop, Deliver.  Discover is about better understanding the market, which can include research. Develop is about articulating the strategy based on our findings. Deliver is about implementing the recommended tactics. When the destination is clearer, so is the path to get there.  In our experience, taking a little extra time and budget for a strategy and plan saves money down the road and dramatically improves communications results. 

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