by Gregg LaBar

December 17, 2020

Benchmarking is great if you want to know what metrics and goals other companies have been including in their sustainability/ESG reports. But how do you know what they’re planning to include in future reports – especially when the topic is as fast-moving and far-reaching as diversity and inclusion? You ask for forward-looking insight in an anonymous, confidential survey.

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That’s what Dix & Eaton did with a flash survey in November 2020 and we are making the results publicly available for download. Based on 26 responses from public company representatives, the D&E D&I Index makes it clear that D&I disclosure will grow in 2021. Our survey says both gender and ethnic disclosures will be on the upswing on 2021, and approximately one-third of participants said D&I will now rank as one of their “very high” priority topics. The degree of disclosure, the rationales and the commitment to metrics and goals are far from a one-size-fits-all, however. The survey results put those nuances in perspective.

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To download the full report, click here.