by D&E Staff

March 17, 2021

While LinkedIn may not be considered as glamorous as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, the platform has the unique ability to target your audience in a strictly professional setting. This is particularly helpful for creating brand awareness with thought leadership or implementing a B2B marketing strategy.

Take a look at my tips on how to best leverage organic and paid LinkedIn content to influence your audience.

LinkedIn Advertising

While LinkedIn isn’t the most popular platform for advertising, nearly half of worldwide agency and marketing professionals invested their ad budget into the platform (and for good reason).

LinkedIn offers similar campaign objectives as more popular social channels: awareness, consideration, and conversion.

Audiences are based on the campaign objective, but advertisers also have the option to build their own audiences and layer in various attributes to customize the segment with demographic, firmographic and behavioral data. This includes traits such as existing and previous company, education level and job experience. These targeting capabilities give you the power to create very specific segments – something other social platforms cannot provide.

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Advertisers are also able to choose from several different ad formats. Sponsored posts are the most popular for all objectives but lead generation ads provide high form completion rates. These allow the user to stay in the native LinkedIn experience and use their profile to fill out forms automatically.

In short, no matter your campaign goals, LinkedIn advertising ensures you can accurately target and engage your audience in ways you may not be able to on other platforms.

Organic LinkedIn

On the flip side, a strong organic strategy on LinkedIn allows marketers to engage its professional audience without a large ad budget. The feed is a great place to educate members of your industry through thought leadership and other messaging content in an organic way.

But it is not just the company’s page and content marketers can use to their advantage. They have the individual-user strategy where executives, employees and influencers can extend the company’s message to their own personal audiences as well. A 2019 poll found most marketers trust posts shared from people’s personal profiles more than those from brand profiles.

Whether you would like to focus your efforts on the organic or paid side of LinkedIn, you’re heading in the right direction by even considering the platform. Looking for advice on what to do next? Send me a note.