by Gregg LaBar

March 26, 2020

The human toll of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is very sad. And the economic toll may be devastating. But I will also be interested in the “success stories” – circumstances that change entire industries forever and for the better, and companies that transform out of necessity.

Indeed, one or more positive events out of this pandemic situation can trigger a “virtuous cycle” whose positive impacts will hopefully far outlast the negatives. For many people, it is probably too early to start thinking about this, but the optimism might be just what others need.

Just for a moment, imagine what could happen if…

  • Brick and mortar retailers and other businesses finally figure out their e-commerce strategy – their reach expands, customer satisfaction improves, the economy grows.
  • Restaurants learn to specialize in takeout and carryout – and improve the customer experience as a result.
  • Service businesses thrive under work at home, which provides more flexibility to more people, who reward their employers with even greater loyalty and hard work.
  • B2B manufacturers whose previously under-appreciated products (think personal protective equipment, additives for hand sanitizers, nonwoven materials for face masks, testing equipment and more) help solve this pandemic – and they are able to attract more investment and better people to their organizations.
  • Organizations find a special philanthropic niche – and their communities and the whole world benefit from their enhanced sense of purpose and generosity.

What compelling examples of innovation and resiliency might we find? And who will be the storytellers? Hopefully you, me, my colleagues at Dix & Eaton, and organizations and people around the world as we become better connected to our purpose and more prepared to activate it.

What do you want to accomplish? What stories of hope, innovation and resiliency are you hoping to tell? Let’s talk about it.