by Chas Withers

March 12, 2020

We’ve heard from many of you about the unprecedented and fast-moving circumstances facing our various organizations as a result of COVID-19. Right now, we are all navigating this very serious and fluid situation.

As operational policies shift and transform, and we deal proactively and reactively with the landscape as it evolves, now is the time to focus on communicating in a clear, consistent and concise way with key stakeholders.

Virtual Office Hours 

Across our varied clients, we are gaining insights and are researching best practices that we can share with you relative to your own situations.

We’re dedicating time every day from 11:00am to 1:00pm EST with our most senior professionals to conduct virtual “office hours” for anyone interested – as a value-add to our relationship with you. Every day through the end of March (or later, as warranted), we’ll be available to answer questions, provide guidance or insight, or assist in any other ways as needed by calling 216.937.8902.

If You Need to Contact Us Immediately…

Recognizing the fluidity of this situation, Matt Barkett, the head of our crisis communications practice, will also be answering emails or texts 24/7 through or at 216.780.7800.

This is a moment in time rooted in confusion and uncertainty, and our hope is to be able to provide our partners with perspective, experience and expertise to help allay fears, inform specific direction, ensure understanding and keep audiences on the same page.

Best regards and health to you and your friends and family,

Chas Withers
CEO – Dix & Eaton