by Karin Bonev

September 14, 2017

Employee apps are on the rise … and for good reason with all the current challenges facing internal communications – multiple channels and messages, employees who might not be in front of a computer, limited budgets, etc.

If you aren’t familiar with employee apps, they’re essentially platforms that enable organizations to communicate with employees via smartphones. Most apps can also be accessed on desktops and tablets.

Not sure if an app makes sense for your organization? Here are five reasons why you might want to consider taking a closer look:

1. Better communication with ALL employees

Apps are a great platform to reach all of your employees at the same time. If you have employees on the plant floor, on the road and/or in front of customers, clients or patients, then an app could be a great solution to make sure they all have access to important organizational communications.

2. Metrics – Need I say more? 

Many existing internal communications channels either don’t have them or have very limited metrics. Most apps, on the other hand, have a dashboard that enables organizations to determine how employees are engaging with content and how that changes over time. And metrics enable communicators to readjust strategies and tactics to be even more effective.

3. Ability to communicate in real time

Most apps enable organizations to send push notifications alerting employees to urgent messages. Think significant organizational events, weather alerts for plant floor employees or initiating crisis communications.

4. More cost-effective than updating, replacing or creating a new intranet

Good intranets are costly to build, and additional resources are needed for ongoing maintenance and updates. If organizations leverage an existing app platform, the monthly cost is relatively low. In addition, existing platforms are constantly upgrading their software and adding new functionality.

5. Plenty of existing app platforms

There are a number of really great app platforms that organizations can leverage instead of creating their own. Some apps also have additional features that allow employees to become social brand ambassadors, help organizations host large events or even allow teams to work together more effectively.

Employee apps have a number of features and benefits that can improve internal communications. Interested in learning how your organization might benefit from an employee app? Give me a call or send me an email to talk further. And look for our upcoming ebook that shares more insight about employee apps and provides an overview of the 10 most common apps.