by Lisa Zone

December 5, 2019

Identifying a brand strategy and message are critical steps as you continue to grow your company. It takes years to cultivate brand identity, but only a few mistakes to destroy it. With all those details in play, think about the last time you took a step back to make sure all your touch points were consistent. Are you sure you got everything? We’re not talking about the obvious places to look, but the areas you don’t think about that could really make an impact on the way customers and potential employees think about your company.

To help you get a head start on 2020, we’ve developed a checklist to remind you of five places you might forget when it comes to your brand. We will walk you through these areas, identify why they are important and new ways you can take action to ensure you’re on track before the new year.

So where could you be going wrong?

Download our white paper today to see how your company stacks up against our checklist.

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