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June 25, 2012

Keith V. Mabee Appointed / Recognized as a Fellow of Governance & Accountability Institute

New York, NY, June 21, 2012 – Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc. announces the recognition and appointment of Keith V. Mabee as Fellow of the Institute. Mr. Mabee is a nationally-recognized leader in corporate communications and investor relations practices with years of corporate and consulting experience. He is Vice Chairman of Dix & Eaton, a Cleveland-based, integrated communications consultancy specializing in public relations, investor relations, customer communications and crisis communications. The firm is one of the largest employee-owned PR and IR firms in America.

In becoming a Fellow of Governance & Accountability Institute, Mr. Mabee is being recognized for his breadth of corporate, government and consulting experience spanning more than 35 years on three continents.  A nationally sought-after voice on shareholder activism, strategic communications, investor relations and corporate governance, Mr. Mabee is a trusted advisor to senior management teams and boards on high-stakes situations in a range of industries.

In announcing Mr. Mabee’s recognition and appointment, Hank BoernerChairman of Governance & Accountability Institute, said: “We welcome Keith Mabee as a valued Fellow. He distinctively enhances a roster of some of the most compelling thought leaders and talents in a broad array of disciplines offering significant value to the Institute and its mission.”

Keith Mabee will assist the Institute with its mission of providing critical information, knowledge management, strategic counsel and advisory services to corporate leaders and investors related to Sustainability| ESG, Corporate Responsibility (CR), and Responsible and Sustainable Investment activities (SRI).

In acknowledging the recognition, Mr. Mabee, who has stated his belief in the catalytic power of credible, consistent communications in driving meaningful change, said: “It is a distinct honor to join Hank Boerner and his distinguished Institute colleagues in their leading-edge quest for greater recognition of the enduring impact that enlightened corporate governance has on solving today’s most pressing socio-economic challenges in ways that favorably optimize outcomes for an enterprise’s diverse stakeholders.”

Mr. Mabee, named Dix & Eaton Vice Chairman in 2008, leads his firm’s Transaction Communications practice, oversees the delivery of client service, supervises a number of major corporate accounts and provides senior-level strategic counsel to senior management teams and boards of directors.

Mr. Mabee has extensive experience in a wide range of industries, including the management of  complex shareholder activism, divestiture, IPO, and merger and acquisition actions; leading crisis communications initiatives from national product recalls to major plant closures; launching change management programs to support strategic initiatives; and conceiving and implementing strategic communications underpinning corporate restructuring, global branding, business development, legislative and regulatory initiatives, takeover defenses, proxy solicitations, debt and equity offerings, management reorganizations, and product and service launches.

Mr. Mabee joined Dix & Eaton in 1997 and was named President in 1998. Previously, Mr. Mabee served as vice president – corporate relations for Figgie International, Inc., where he was responsible for human resources and administration, corporate communications, government affairs and investor relations.

Before joining Figgie International in 1993, he served as vice president – communications at Industrial Indemnity, a $1 billion San Francisco-based Xerox Financial Services Company. Previously, he was senior vice president, corporate communications, government affairs and investor relations with AMFAC, Inc., a former San Francisco Fortune 50 diversified services company.

Mr. Mabee has also served as a communications specialist with International Paper Company in New York, and as a public affairs officer for NATO and the U.S. Army in Europe and the Pacific. He was a senior lecturer in the Queensland University of Technology’s College of Management in Australia and served as an organizational effectiveness consultant in Australasia.

Mr. Mabee is a former president of the San Francisco chapter of the National Investor Relations Institute, and previously served as an officer and director of NIRI’s national board and as chairman of NIRI’s Senior Roundtable.

He is an accredited member of the Public Relations Society of America and served on PRSA’s Board of Ethics and Professional Standards. He currently serves on the Ohio Savings Bank Advisory Board of Directors and the engineering faculty visiting committee at Cleveland State University.

Mr. Mabee also served as a founding trustee and lecturer for the San Francisco Academy, a postgraduate executive development program in communications, and as a trustee and board vice chair for the $6 billion Ohio Tuition Trust Authority.

Dix & Eaton is an integrated communications consultancy specializing in public relations, investor relations, crisis communications and customer communications. The company advises that it brings a partnership commitment to its client assignments, bringing “deep experience, foresight and creativity to every relationship. We help clients realize the full power of communication to drive results.” Founded in 1952, Dix & Eaton has twice been recognized as the nation’s best midsized firm by the Holmes Report, a leading industry publication.

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