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September 14, 2012

Dix & Eaton Unveils Unique Web Intelligence Solution for Investor Relations

  • IR Web IntelligenceSM system allows companies to monitor online investor conversations, measure impact on daily trading volume, stock price, corporate reputation
  • Combines state-of-the-art data capture with real-time analysis and senior IR counsel
  • Offers greater visibility into previously hard-to-see market influencers
  • Provides critical extension to company’s, board’s risk management capabilities

With the proliferation of smartphones and social media channels, every company is exposed to the dramatic effects of ongoing online conversations by investors and market influencers about its business, its industry and its investment merits.  Now, with Dix & Eaton’s new IR Web IntelligenceSM system, management teams and their boards of directors can efficiently monitor these ongoing conversations and quantify their impact on a variety of factors – including market valuation, trading volume and corporate reputation.

“Drawing on our combination of investor relations and social media expertise, we can provide business leaders with unique clarity and insight on this otherwise hard-to-see contributing market dynamic, which can be a powerful tool to help them implement their growth strategies and manage global risk,” said Scott Chaikin, chairman and chief executive officer.

The IR Web Intelligence system monitors the content and tone of conversations among investors and market influencers, as well as where and when they take place.  This monitoring can be done on an ongoing basis or during specific times of heightened attention, such as an activist investor campaign, leadership transition, class-action lawsuit, acquisition or other significant corporate activity.

In addition, the system provides insight on the level and breadth of the impact of these conversations.  Qualitative analysis of the discussion content, channels used and the participants’ range of influence is combined with quantitative analysis of concurrent effects on such things as spikes in trading volume and share price movement.

“Over the past few years, the overwhelming focus of the investor relations community with regard to technology has been to what extent it should ‘talk’ online,” said Chaikin. “We believe this focus is greatly misplaced as there is no singular, universal answer to this debate. On the other hand, there is no question that all companies need to ‘listen’ to – and understand – these online discussions. Our IR Web Intelligence system delivers a deep level of insight into investor sentiment and trading activity, including both positive and negative exposure, in a user-friendly manner.  Our team is well-versed in analyzing this data, identifying trends and providing strategic counsel on what actions to take under the particular circumstances.”

Chaikin added, “For example, activist investors are increasingly utilizing the Web to rally support for their particular agenda, as Carl Icahn did in his recent proxy fight with Lionsgate. We can now help boards of directors and management teams understand not only what’s being said and the impact it is having, but also their options on how to deal with the online activity effectively. In fact, we can also help them identify the early warning signs of potential activism.”

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