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August 7, 2023

Dix & Eaton Announces Recent Promotions

CLEVELAND, OH ­– August 7, 2023 – Dix & Eaton announced today three promotions in the Cleveland-based firm. Theresa Allen is the firm’s first director of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB), in addition to continuing her role as controller. Gregg LaBar has been promoted to chief client officer, and Donna Harlan has been promoted to senior director of administrative operations.

“I’m so pleased to have Theresa take on the role of director of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging position at our firm. Her leadership, passion and guidance in this area directly reflects our efforts to prioritize community building, connection, and education in our firm,” said Chas Withers, CEO of Dix & Eaton. “She has emerged as a consistent and authoritative voice over the past three years that we have been on our DEIB journey. She holds individuals and the firm accountable for growth, policy-making and education, all of which will be instrumental to helping us move forward,” Chas further commented.

“Gregg cares deeply and authentically about our people, our clients, the business, and our culture. His consistent dedication to going above and beyond – coupled with his extensive experience and focus on excellence and client performance – positions him as an ideal chief client officer. We are also so grateful for Donna, who holds the bar for performance very high and makes the atmosphere of our firm better every day as she supports every part of our business.”

Theresa has been with the firm for 18 years, and her career progression is rooted in accounting and finance. As controller, she oversees billing and finance and brings a detail-oriented approach to managing the firm’s financial reporting. She will continue to lead DEIB initiatives and serve as a guidepost for the firm’s DEIB strategies in her new role.

Gregg’s 25-year career at Dix & Eaton includes involvement across the firm. Most notably, he founded Dix & Eaton’s Sustainability/Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practice and leads a team of content creators. He has risen to become a national leader in the ESG arena, while also ensuring the highest standards for client service and delivery at the firm. Gregg assumes the chief client officer role previously held by Matt Barkett, who has assumed responsibilities for leadership of commercial growth at Dix & Eaton, in addition to his role as the firm’s crisis practice leader.

Donna joined Dix & Eaton in 2005, and her responsibilities and contributions have grown since then. She provides support for human resources, finance, IT, administrative staff and the executive team, in addition to her colleagues across the firm. She keeps the firm running at an optimal level and brings a joyful attitude to every interaction, internal or external.

“Each of these individuals embodies the values of our firm and go about their everyday work with a singular focus on performance by building trust inside and out,” said Dix & Eaton President Lisa Rose. “Our mantra is to always make a difference and add value, and Theresa, Gregg and Donna do that for clients and colleagues with remarkable consistency.”

About Theresa Allen

Theresa first joined Dix & Eaton in 2001 and her career path has advanced through the billing and finance department, even after returning to the firm after a short hiatus. As controller, she oversees accounting and billing, manages the firm’s financial reporting and plays a leading role in preparing audited financial statements. She additionally serves as the firm’s director of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, and leads education and awareness initiatives for the firm.

About Gregg LaBar

Gregg has been with Dix & Eaton since 1998 and is a writer and editor by training. He developed and currently leads the firm’s Sustainability/ESG practice, which involves leading a dynamic team of strategists, project leaders, writers, editors and graphic design specialists. Gregg’s knowledge of a wide range of environmental topics enables the practice to stay ahead of trends and counsel clients on best practices for reporting, and he is a trusted advisor for many clients who have done sustainability/ESG work with the firm for years.

About Donna Harlan

Since joining Dix & Eaton in September 2005, Donna has become increasingly central to Dix & Eaton by providing support to human resources, finance, IT, administrative staff and the executive team. She strives to enhance the efficiency of the firm’s internal operations and maintain a superior level of client service, and her internal team members and external contacts value her attentiveness and knowledge.

About Dix & Eaton

Dix & Eaton is a strategic communications firm specializing in sustainability communications, change management, investor relations, crisis communications, media relations and marketing communications. Working as trusted partners focused on driving results, Dix & Eaton combines deep experience, foresight and creativity with digital intelligence and analysis to help clients realize the full power of communication and generate greater return on investment. Founded in 1952, Dix & Eaton is 100 percent employee-owned and has twice been named the nation’s best midsized firm.

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