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May 29, 2024

Dix & Eaton Announces Recent Promotion and New Additions

CLEVELAND, OH – May 29, 2024 – Dix & Eaton today announced two recent hires and a promotion within its full-time professional staff.  Sarah Hihn has been promoted to Senior Director of Human Resources, Eric Klinger has been hired as an assistant vice president, and Maddie Winer has joined the firm as a senior account executive.

Sarah has led Dix & Eaton’s Human Resources function for 18 years. She supports team members across the firm’s two operating groups, and her work encompasses oversight of health and wellness benefits, compensation, talent recruitment and retention. Her strategic counsel spans all levels of the firm, from individual employees to the executive team.

“Sarah is at the center of the employee experience and was a key part of our integration with Standing Partnership,” said Chas Withers, Chairman and CEO of Dix & Eaton. “She is an important resource for all of our employees, and her dedication to ensuring that we have benefits that reflect our lives is appreciated by everyone. We are proud to announce her promotion.”

Both Eric and Maddie are on the Sustainability/ESG practice team and will also provide content support to other areas across the firm.

“Our constant search for top talent yielded two excellent team members this spring in Eric and Maddie,” Withers said. “Eric’s depth of experience with marketing, sustainability and content development, as well as Maddie’s years of work with media and trade publications, enhance the quality and reach of our content team across all areas of the firm.”

Maddie brings nearly 10 years of experience in journalism and multimedia content production to the firm, including editorial work for multiple trade outlets. She has also guided digital strategy development and crafted web content and social media communications.

Eric brings to the firm over 20 years of writing and editing experience – including sustainability/ESG reporting, internal and external print and digital communications, and crisis communications – from a diverse range of organizations. In addition, he previously worked in radio news, did consulting work and oversaw projects across multiple verticals.

About Sarah Hihn

Sarah Hihn

Sarah joined Dix & Eaton in 2006 and serves the entire organization as a generalist professional while providing strategic counsel at the executive levels. She specializes in benefits administration, employee relations and recruitment strategies and has prior experience in all of these areas.

Sarah holds a bachelor’s degree in human resource management and labor relations from Cleveland State University.

About Maddie Winer

Maddie joined Dix & Eaton in March 2024, after spending nine years as a journalist specializing in the automotive industry. Maddie contributes written content and editorial direction to a wide range of projects, including sustainability/ESG reports and communication pieces, press releases and media relations.

Maddie holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a minor in Spanish from Kent State University.

About Eric Klinger


Eric joined Dix & Eaton in April 2024, bringing over 20 years of experience as a writer, editor and communications consultant across a wide variety of industries. His work at the firm includes written content and editorial direction for sustainability/ESG reports and communication pieces, crisis communications, change management, and marketing and public relations.

Eric holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Bowling Green State University.

About Dix & Eaton

Dix & Eaton is a strategic corporate and marketing communications firm that consists of two operating groups: Dix & Eaton, based in Cleveland, and Standing Partnership, based in St. Louis. The firm offers a wide variety of corporate communications, sustainability/ESG (environmental, social and governance) communications, marketing/sales enablement, and public relations services to clients across the U.S. The firm serves a number of vertical markets, with distinctive expertise in manufacturing, technology, aviation, specialty chemicals, agribusiness, health care, professional services and more. Founded in 1952, Dix & Eaton is 100% employee-owned and one of the largest wholly employee-owned communications firms in the U.S. Learn more about the combined capabilities at and

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