• Contentious and public litigation
  • Social media activism
  • Labor relations
  • Accidents
  • Workplace violence and harassment
  • Executive misbehavior
  • Transactions and M&A
  • Layoffs and downsizings
  • Environmental issues
  • Cybersecurity

In a world where a public relations crisis can emerge with unprecedented speed to become instantly visible worldwide, organizations can lose massive amounts of brand equity and market value in minutes. Experience is critical in protecting an organization’s inherent assets. We develop crisis communication strategies that help companies prepare for and deal with major issues in real time. A crisis communication plan provides a clear, concise and executable path that connects your organization to all your stakeholders and helps you effectively communicate under pressure. After decades of providing crisis communication counsel, we’ve dealt with every imaginable scenario and can help your team thrive during the most difficult times.

Matt Barkett, Chief Client Officer

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See how we develop crisis communication strategies and crisis communication plans for companies to prepare for and deal with major issues in real time.

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