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5 changes in shareholder activism

Shareholder activism isn’t going away any time soon. In the first nine months of 2017, we’ve seen a similar number of campaigns and a few less proxy fights compared with 2016. But all signs indicate that the tide of shareholder activism continues to rise. While the majority of targets have been small or mid-cap companies, the recent fight between activist investor Nelson Peltz and Proctor & Gamble demonstrates large cap companies are also vulnerable.   

Activism in a company’s shareholder base is more the norm today than the exception. The need to ‘think like an activist’ with a preparedness plan in place has become increasingly more common with boards of directors. We recently hosted a webinar, along with Kai Leikefett and Lawrence Elbaum of Vinson & Elkins, and

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Adding a digital trailblazer to our team

In my 20 years at Dix & Eaton, I have seen a lot of change, but one thing has remained constant – we have always recruited exceptional talent. Today, I’m pleased to announce that Brady Cohen, formerly with Goodyear, has joined our firm as chief digital officer.  

Brady is one of those rare folks who combine a keen strategic mind, deep experience, a truly collaborative style and a great sense of humor. In his new role, he’ll be building on the extensive work we’ve done with our clients in the areas of digital marketing and mobile advertising, social media strategy and campaigns, videos, website development, analytics, measurement and more. He’ll also play a key role in accelerating and guiding the constantly evolving learning agenda in digital strategies and…

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Considering an IPO? Here are 8 ways to prepare

There are many pros and cons to consider when deciding to take your company public. But if you want to dramatically grow your business – and if you have a differentiated business model that you can clearly articulate to create a compelling value proposition to the investment community – there’s a chance going public is right for you. 

In our experience, there are always lessons to be learned from going through the process of an initial public offering (IPO). The most successful companies take the time to prepare in advance and anticipate the many ups and downs that are likely to occur throughout the process. 

These companies typically observe the following guidelines when preparing for an IPO:

  1. Create a compelling case. The success of any IPO requires a clear…
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SEC nominee Jay Clayton appears to be a solid pick

­The Donald Trump era as president is now underway with the inauguration just a few days behind us. As Senate hearings for many of his nominees are being conducted, similar themes are emerging around the nominees – including atypical candidates, learning curves in the world of governing, healthy amounts of political posturing by everyone involved and, in some cases, questions about readiness and fitness for duty. 

While nothing is guaranteed at this early stage, Trump’s selection of Jay Clayton to chair the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) appears to be a solid choice. His nomination is generally seen as a positive move for both public companies and investors.

The New York Times describes him as a deal maker who is not well known in political circles. He…

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Rewarding talent

Among other things, our beloved Cleveland Indians’ run to the World Series has reinforced the importance of nurturing and recognizing talent.

Here at Dix & Eaton, that’s at the heart of what we do, and we’re pleased to announce the promotions of four outstanding colleagues this week. Nicolle Huffman becomes a senior account executive, Megan Stinn and Angela Almasy are our newest account executives, and Angel Seymour is now our office coordinator.

Nicolle, Angela and Megan are exemplary young professionals whose expertise and experience reflect our clients’ need to employ an ever-changing range of communications tools to reach their target audiences, while Angel plays important roles in client and vendor relations.  We’re proud to recognize their efforts through…

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