by D&E Staff

February 4, 2021

With news feed algorithms quickly changing across all social platforms, it’s unlikely that you can rely solely on organic content to support your business objectives. Organic and paid social go together like a burger and fries—you shouldn’t have one without the other. They are both essential to managing a successful digital marketing strategy as they work together to raise brand awareness, create and highlight your audiences, and deliver better results.

Here are four reasons why your organization should invest in a paid social advertising program to maximize your organic social strategy:

1. Cost effective advertising

Marketers are sometimes wary of paid social due to the seemingly high cost. In actuality, paid social is one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising. The average CPM (cost per 1,000 ad views) on social media is about $2.50. Compare this with billboards ($5 CPM), newspaper ($16 CPM) and local/broadcast TV ($28 CPM) — the choice is clear. Not to mention you can control exactly who is viewing your ad on social while in traditional advertising, you have limited control at best.

2. Precise and accurate audience targeting

As marketers and communicators, it is our job to place content in front of our target demographic. With paid social, organizations can generate broader impact by homing in on the target audience based on their demographics, location, behaviors, interests and more. Higher accuracy data and targeting capabilities enable you to create even more qualified audiences, including lookalike and retargeting audiences.

3. Measurable performance

As with all digital advertising efforts, paid social gives you the luxury of viewing real time results. You can review performance at any time and optimize it based on what you are seeing immediately. Just remember – even digital advertising needs time to “learn” how to best perform. Depending on the goal of your campaign, you shouldn’t make any major changes to your ads until they have been on for at least one week.

4. Extensive reach to potential new customers

It can be time consuming to build relationships with users to generate sales for your brand. With paid social, also known as “paying to play,” marketers can quickly increase their brand’s social impact by distributing a single ad to hundreds of thousands of potential new customers in a cost efficient way.

In today’s world, paid social has become a critical tool and acts as an extension of social media campaigns. With paid social, marketers can amplify content, generate more visibility on mobile devices and reach a larger target audience.

Questions on how to get started with paid social or improve your current campaigns? Shoot me a note.