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7 habits of highly effective digital marketers

The late Steven R. Covey identified “7 Habits” that helped business people around the globe become more effective. Today, consider the following 7 habits to become more effective digital marketers.

  1. Align your marketing and communications spend with your target audiences’ information consumption. If you’re investing more in analog media and channels than you are in digital, you may be out of balance.
    Starting point: Survey your audiences to understand where they prefer to consume content. If you’re not game for doing a survey, search for industry reports on audience preferences. Use these insights to calibrate your communications mix. For example, if your audience is on social media and you’re running print ads, you’re likely missing an opportunity.
  2. Measure key…
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Brainfood Live: Social Listening

After much preparation and promotion, our first Dix & Eaton Facebook livestream didn’t exactly go as planned. The Dix & Eaton team tested, rehearsed and worked together to produce Brainfood Live: Social Listening for a month. On the day of our livestream, a recent update to Facebook’s livestreaming interface complicated our ability to get the broadcast started. After nearly 30 minutes of troubleshooting, we made the decision to cancel the event. Thank you to everyone who tuned in and stuck with us while we worked to get the livestream up and running!

We are now pleased to share with you the recorded Brainfood Live session discussing Social Listening.

ProMedica, a Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan health care system, enlisted the help of Dix & Eaton to better…

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3 must have tools to determine your social media success

There is a great deal to relish about working in the digital realm but perhaps the most significant advantage is the opportunity to measure the results of your work. The potential to gauge success in concrete ways is what attracts me to digital communications.

Despite the fact that digital measurement has been available for at least a couple of decades, I’m often asked how to determine the effectiveness of online marketing and communications, particularly of social media efforts. In fact, an astonishing 47% of organizations fail to measure the return on their social media and content efforts, according to a study by the Content Marketing Institute. Another 18% don’t even know if they are measuring their digital strategies!

To help prime the social media…

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3 easy ways B2Bs can optimize social media efforts

How can you make the most of your social media efforts when you don’t have a dedicated resource or budget? In B2B organizations, the role of social media owner or community manager is often simply added to someone’s existing responsibilities, not carved out as a separate function. And often, there is little to no budget assigned to support such activities. So what can B2B marketers do to advance their social media efforts when they have competing priorities and a modest investment to work with? Surprisingly, a lot.

I recently came across this post and infographic by Bob Hutchins on the topic, which has some really useful and enlightening data to help B2B marketers optimize the scarce social media resources they may have. While I’d encourage you to check out the…

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Fantasy Social: LinkedIn Publishing vs. Medium

Like football, B2B social media isn’t always won with extra points and field goals. Sometimes it’s a four-quarter effort to get as many touchdowns as possible. Ten-second videos and 140-character messages can sometimes bring in the win for your organization’s social media efforts, but more often than not, long-form storytelling can be the offensive play strategy that gets the best results.

In this round of Fantasy Social, I’ll be putting LinkedIn Publishing and Medium in a head-to-head competition to see which storytelling platform might work best for your B2B Business. (For a refresher on the criteria used in Fantasy Social, check out this post from my fellow analyst Lisa Zone).

LinkedIn Publishing is an extension of LinkedIn and allows individuals to write…

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