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4 reasons brands should invest in paid social advertising

With news feed algorithms quickly changing across all social platforms, it’s unwise to rely solely on organic content to support your business objectives. Facebook’s prioritizing family and friend’s updates over business posts leads us to wonder how we can make sure our posts are both engaging and effective in reaching our target audiences.

Marketers can combat the challenges to organic social media marketing with a paid social advertising program. Paid social has become crucial for brands to maximize content to reach a larger target audience.

Here are four reasons organizations should invest in a paid social advertising program:

1. Cost effective solution

Marketers are sometimes wary of paid social because of the cost. However, in reality paid social is cost…

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Survival of the fittest: How to navigate Facebook’s news feed updates

Facebook recently announced updates to its News Feed algorithm in order to predict which posts users will want to interact with the most. Posts from family and friends will be prioritized, but where does the new update leave posts from brands?

The bad news for brands (and maybe Facebook users) is that users will most likely see less organic content from organizations and publishers near the top of their feed. The good news is that organizations have the opportunity to stand out among the competition and create meaningful content for users.

Here are four steps organizations can take to survive the News Feed update:

1. Plan. Measure. Evaluate. Modify. Repeat.

Marketers and communicators are asked to juggle different tactics and social platforms for their…

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4 steps to boosting your social media performance

Social media has grown up over the last several years and become a key component to almost all marketing and communications strategies and plans. It’s no surprise given the volume of social media users, time spent on these platforms and engagement potential. With social being such an important communication channel, it’s critical that organizations take steps to increase returns, drive effectiveness and efficiency. Below I’ve outline 4 steps organizations can take to boost social media performance.

1. Ensure your social media strategy aligns with your business and communications objectives.
Use your business and communications objectives as your North Star when evaluating and determining your activities. If your social media activities don’t support your overall…

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Why social media listening matters

Did you know 75 percent of organizations don’t know where or how their key audiences are talking about them? That’s kind of a shocking number when you think about how many people use social media – 69 percent of Americans according to Pew Research Center – and when you realize less than 10 percent of tweets directly mention a brand.

To help companies know what conversations are out there, more marketers are turning to social media listening.

Before we get into why it matters, let’s back up and discuss what social media listening is. According to Sprout Social, social listening involves “tracking conversations around specific phrases, words or brands, and then leveraging them to discover opportunities or create content for those audiences.”

What’s important to…

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3 easy ways B2Bs can optimize social media efforts

How can you make the most of your social media efforts when you don’t have a dedicated resource or budget? In B2B organizations, the role of social media owner or community manager is often simply added to someone’s existing responsibilities, not carved out as a separate function. And often, there is little to no budget assigned to support such activities. So what can B2B marketers do to advance their social media efforts when they have competing priorities and a modest investment to work with? Surprisingly, a lot.

I recently came across this post and infographic by Bob Hutchins on the topic, which has some really useful and enlightening data to help B2B marketers optimize the scarce social media resources they may have. While I’d encourage you to check out the…

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