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As it turns 5, should the Huffington Post be counted among the nation’s powerful media?

The Huffington Post recently marked its 5-year anniversary. The online news site and information aggregator now attracts more than 13 million unique visitors a month. That is not a typo. 13 million. More than the Washington Post or USA Today.

Do such numbers qualify “HuffPo” as a member of the powerful media club?

In a recent interview, founder Arianna Huffington described how her site slowly adopted the journalistic attributes commonly expected from her mainstream media counterparts.

“When we launched The Huffington Post, we were worlds apart. There was the legacy media that were very, very skeptical about blogging, or the future of online media. And there were the startups like The Huffington Post. Now The New York Times is doing a lot online. They’re…

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Entrepreneurs are attracting media like never before

The Time magazine cover was compelling. People were standing on a white cover in the form of letters spelling “JOBS” The headline continued, “Where They Are And How to Find Them.”

The Fortune redesign caught my eye. Managing Editor Andy Serwer explained the magazine would continue to produce in-depth articles, but it was adding more news their readers could use. “How to manage their careers – including ways to think more entrepreneurially – in and outside of large companies.” Much of this news will now appear in two new sections in Fortune called Careers and Venture.

As the nation tentatively feels its way out of recession, the media increasingly are trying to cover the story, from the macro-perspective of national trends to the micro-consumer…

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Covering the weather one snow drift at a time

Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow.

Or rain.

Or blow.

The weather always makes news.

Right now, as I write this post, it is snowing like crazy in Cleveland. And in Minneapolis. And across the country. Great for kids; bad for commuters. And HUGE news.

“Arctic blast blamed for deaths”—CNN.

“Rollovers, icy roads snarl commute”—Minneapolis Star Tribune.

“Latest traffic and weather conditions”—Cleveland Plain Dealer
Most newspaper reporters used to grouse whenever they were assigned a weather story. “Big news,” they’d say. “The sun came up today.”

One of the best I’ve seen at covering the weather was Jim Carney, an Akron Beacon Journal reporter and former colleague. If a kid stuck his tongue to a frozen flag pole during a storm,…

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Iran from blogs, Twitter et al and oh yeah, the NYT

I’ve been working on a presentation on news aggregators. These are impressive efforts from people and software designed to gather the news to one place. A smorgasbord of topics, for you to choose as you like. A bit of international news, some health news and for dessert, how about the latest in entertainment.

The New York Times’ The Lede blog has been covering the latest on Iran, from an impressive array of sources. A quick review will give you the latest from ABC News, the AP, the New York Times (of course) as well as Twitter, YouTube and more. 

As you review The Lede, note how often it qualifies the news source such as “video apparently taken” or “according to reports.” The qualifiers reflect not only how quickly events are moving, but how much reporting is…

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GM’s banktruptcy: How would you cover the story?

The media are producing blanket coverage of the General Motors bankruptcy.

Turn on the radio, go to your favorite news web site or your local newspaper. GM’s short-term demise and the billions of federal money, not to mention the thousands of jobs, involved make the story compelling to a global audience. 

Now that the media have chronicled the initial history of “the second-largest industrial bankruptcy in history” (Wall Street Journal), where will they take the story? To the national investment? (GM: What’s in it for taxpayers? Business Week) To the future? (The best possible outcome for GM. Forbes ) To the historic perspective? (Obama’s test: Restoring GM with a limited U.S. Role. New York Times)

When the media have a story this large, the potential angles…

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