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A one-minute read on writing a one-minute talk

Whether you give speeches, write speeches, work with D&E on speeches or write one yourself before you give it, here is a one-minute read on how to write a one-minute talk – or, frankly, any talk, up to and including the State of the Union. Though that undoubtedly takes more work.

The point is that the fundamental structure of a talk remains the same no matter how long or complex the remarks. Understanding that structure will help you craft and deliver your message effectively.

And isn’t that the point?

Just four rules to remember – plus one image.

Rule Number 1: What’s your message?

Every talk has a message. You speak to leave your audience smarter – from a finding, a report of an event, a warning, making a case or evoking a mood.            

Your message is…

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Channel your audience: It’s all about them, not about you

Bill Doll, our first guest blogger, is a D&E alumnus who teaches public speaking at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland and is the author of  SPEAK, How to Talk to Classmates and Others, recently published by Oxford University Press. It is a brief essentials of public speaking for those of any age short on time but long on performance anxiety.  

Nervous before giving a speech?      

That’s good.  

A little anxiety revs the adrenalin so you’ll focus.

To be a little nervous means you care about this talk. Whether it’s a talk to shareholders, the media, your board of directors or a Senate subcommittee, your nerves are your body telling you this talk is important, not some blow-off moment you can wing your way through. 

There’s an old Broadway saying, “If…

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