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What comes first: the budget or the plan?

Why a test fund should be in your 2019 budget request

It’s hard to believe 2019 budgeting and planning efforts are already underway. Unfortunately, the state of business today often means budgets are due before planning even starts. That can make it difficult to significantly change a marketing program from year to year because it’s hard to request a budget without knowing what you’re requesting a budget for.

How to combat that challenge? I’d advocate for building in a “test fund” for 2019, which will allow your team to try new things – say, an emerging social media platform or a new customer engagement technique – even if you haven’t fully scoped what those activities look like yet. That said, it might be easier for you to get a test fund approved if you have at…

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4 reasons brands should invest in paid social advertising

With news feed algorithms quickly changing across all social platforms, it’s unwise to rely solely on organic content to support your business objectives. Facebook’s prioritizing family and friend’s updates over business posts leads us to wonder how we can make sure our posts are both engaging and effective in reaching our target audiences.

Marketers can combat the challenges to organic social media marketing with a paid social advertising program. Paid social has become crucial for brands to maximize content to reach a larger target audience.

Here are four reasons organizations should invest in a paid social advertising program:

1. Cost effective solution

Marketers are sometimes wary of paid social because of the cost. However, in reality paid social is cost…

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