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Getting your story told starts with research

Trying to execute a media relations campaign in a vacuum is a recipe for failure. Just like any other project or campaign, you have to do proper due diligence and research, research, research to be successful.

Understand what you’re promoting

Before embarking on a media relations campaign, it is important to understand what your organization wants to promote, its objectives and its target audiences. Talk to subject matter experts within your organization to fully understand the product or service being promoted and to identify newsworthy angles that can be parsed out to various types of media.

Is there a technology or innovation angle? What about a consumer bent? Once you better understand what is to be promoted, be sure to look at what your organization’s…

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Right-size your research through quality, not quantity

You need research, but you want it fast, cheap, and high-quality. It’s often said you can only have two of those, but never all three. We disagree.

With the right type of research, you may be able to achieve your objective and spend less than you expect. Additionally, new emerging technologies and tools allow you to get results quicker at less cost without sacrificing the quality of the insights. With some of these tools, the insights are even richer.

To start off, first determine what type of research you need. We often hear from clients that they want a quantitative study – they want numbers (or there is a senior exec who only believes in numbers). Then they find out how costly and time-consuming such a study can be and they may decide against doing any research…

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