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5 tips for Twitter as it plans its IPO

Twitter recently broke its own story via a tweet that it filed confidential paperwork to start the IPO process. The 140-character announcement only fueled the intense speculation about Twitter’s IPO process, and comparisons to Facebook, which botched its recent IPO, were common.

With news outlets reporting that Twitter plans to go public with its IPO filing as early as this week – and that the company hopes to have its shares traded before Thanksgiving – I took to the micro-blogging site itself with some tips for the company, and for any IPO.

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Technical glitches or systemic failures?  How much is too much?

On August 22, trading was halted for thousands of stocks due to a technical glitch at Nasdaq. Then again on September 4, Nasdaq suffered another computer glitch that caused a "brief" six-minute "outage" for some of its listed stocks.

With memories of Facebook’s IPO still fresh in both investors’ and issuers’ minds, do these “glitches” indicate serious problems within the system, or are they just hiccups along the way, causing no real harm?

While we’ve seen no reports of any significant impact from these outages for either issuers or traders, the real damage may be to Nasdaq’s credibility in its increasingly competitive battle with the New York Stock Exchange. While Nasdaq has long been the preferred trading ground for the tech sector, Oracle’s switch from Nasdaq…

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Are You Ready for the Public?

After several starts and stops over the past 24 months, the IPO market is back. 

Re-energized by such high-profile deals as LinkedIn and Pandora – as well as the much-anticipated arrival of Facebook – the IPO market in 2012 enjoyed its highest first-quarter volume since 2007. Bloomberg Business News recently reported that, in the first quarter of 2012, “…44 companies [raised] a total of $5.8 billion [and] shares of 80 percent of those companies have risen from their initial price.”
Most of these deals have been backed by private equity or venture firms – a trend we would expect to continue in the near term as such ownership groups are eager to capture the value they’ve built within their portfolios during the “Great Recession.”
For companies preparing to…

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