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The 1 way to overcome content overload

Before you promote your product, enhance your brand, or engage in any form of communication with your target audience, be sure you know what content will attract them. If that sounds like a basic statement, it is. But it’s far easier said than done. And, given the ever-changing digital landscape along with the increasing amounts of content being pushed out to your audience, it’s becoming more difficult every day. You cannot rely on what has worked in the past.

Your customers are in content overload due to the volume of information being directed to your audience and the increasing number of channels delivering that content. As a result, people are becoming ever more selective on what reaches them and what they decide to consume. But it’s not just the volume of…

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The Evolution of a Content Entrepreneur

Lee Horwich of USA Today was the first to say it, during a recent media panel at the City Club of Cleveland.

When Cleveland hosts the Republican National Convention next July, his colleagues will want access to video, audio and social media to report the news.

His point? Don’t think of USA Today, or other major media such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, as purely “print” media.  

One-dimensional content creation no longer exists at national newspapers.

Thirty years ago, when I became a journalist for a one-dimensional newspaper, we received one-dimensional pitches from public relations professionals. These people would call and write journalists, suggesting stories – in print, or course – about a product, executive, politician or governmental…

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7 critical steps to better B2B content marketing

Oh, the pressure.  Now it’s like a drumbeat from all directions.  Everyone from the CEO down wants to know what’s going on with content marketing.  They want to see content and they want to see a lot of it.  Problem is, these people are likely to be big consumers of content … B2C content.  If you’re a B2B marketing professional, you know B2B content marketing is different.  You’d like your organization to put out quality, not just quantity.  Your instincts are right.

Most B2B content is not as powerful as it should be.   Much of it seems rudderless, lacking clear purpose.  It seems too general, tossed out to a wide audience with very little useful information.  It doesn’t seem helpful and feels like a veiled sales pitch.  And, just like the people putting on the…

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5 crucial lessons Buzz Lightyear can teach us about content marketing

1)  It’s a long mission

“To infinity… and beyond!”  Those are the well-known words of Buzz Lightyear, the lovable astronaut character from Toy Story played by the voice of Tim Allen.  Buzz is the eternal optimist.  He refuses to recognize he is a toy and his goals are off the charts.  He is not just headed off into infinity, which by definition goes on forever, he is going further.

Buzz’s famous catch phrase applies well to content marketing.  Why is that?  Because, when implemented correctly, content marketing does not stop.  Content marketing is not a campaign with a beginning, middle and an end.  It is an ongoing effort that lasts forever.

In a great Q&A last year, Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute put it perfectly:  “The biggest reason why…

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6 Content Marketing New Year’s Resolutions to Keep

The year 2014 was a great one for content marketing.  Early reports indicate that marketers are creating more content than they did just a year ago. According to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) 2015 benchmark report, 86% of B2B marketers and 77% of B2C marketers are using content marketing.  However, only 38% say they are effective at it.

Regardless of whether you have a content marketing program, the new year is a great time to take a step back and review your content goals, content success and content challenges from 2014 to pave the way for a content-rich 2015.  Here are six content marketing New Year’s resolutions to focus on in 2015. 

1) Make your content more visual

Research has shown that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and…

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