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Are activists using digital media to communicate with your shareholders?

As companies develop a strategy for how to use social media for IR, it’s important to understand how others are using this communication channel, including activist investors. Activists are digitally savvy and use these tools in a very persuasive way. For example, in 2013, Carl Icahn tweeted about Apple (see below), and about an hour later, the stock pushed up from $475.76 to a high of $494.66.  

To prepare for an activist situation, it’s important to know how activists communicate with shareholders. Here are three ways activist investors are using digital media:

1. Microsites: Many activists use microsites to house key information specific to the cause or issue they are advocating. The microsite is often designed in a style that is similar to the company’s…

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The one-word answer to the perfect speech or public relations campaign

Here’s a word you may never have heard of. It’s the one-word answer to crafting the perfect speech or the perfect PR campaign.

The word is “kairos.” It is the ancient Greek term for “the perfect moment.” It’s the elusive slip of time when the speaker is perfectly in sync with the audience, their mood and their needs.

Abraham Lincoln found it at a military burial ground in Gettysburg, Pa., in 1863, his words and delivery catching a nation’s yearning for meaning and peace.

FDR held it in his 1933 radio talk to a frightened nation explaining with reassurance and clarity why he was declaring a bank holiday.

Closer to PR, if more prosaic, Johnson & Johnson found that kairos moment in 1982 when it quickly withdrew 31 million capsules of Tylenol from store shelves…

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What the Serial podcast can teach B2B marketers

OK, I admit it. I got on the Serial bandwagon a little late in the game, but thanks to a wicked stomach flu last week, I had plenty of time to get caught up before this week’s final episode. If you’re not already familiar, Serial is a podcast that premiered in October, the first spinoff of This American Life. It follows one story (this season, a murder case) over the course of a season (this season, a 12-episode thriller) and is hosted by Sarah Koenig, a former criminal justice reporter.

Anyone who has jumped on the Serial bandwagon “gets” it. The thrill of waiting for a new weekly episode to post. The ensuing excitement of discussing that week’s revelations with friends and strangers alike, through online forums, article recaps and plenty of water cooler banter.…

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My 5 Keys to ‘Sustaining Sustainability’

It should go without saying that an effective sustainability program and sustainability communications must be durable, resilient and flexible – in other words, sustainable.

But, like any other initiative or program, sustainability programs and projects can get stale, become stagnant or even experience a reversal of progress. Thus, my five keys to “sustaining sustainability”:

1) Balance two essential ingredients (structure and intangibles) 

Programs need both structure (such as policies, guidelines/standards and rules of engagement) and intangibles (such as values, story-telling and daily engagement). Too much of one at the expense of the other will limit long-term impact.

2) Use “events” and milestones to reinvigorate the program 

Doing a report, holding a…

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Big Data vs. Intuition in Business Decisions (Part 2)

This post was cowritten by our fall intern, Angela Martin.

The desire to make better decisions as quickly as possible has led to an even bigger push around data and analytics, specifically in making data-driven decisions. But does intuition still play a role? A review of recent commentary suggests there are strong arguments on both sides of the man vs. machine debate. Here are some of the advantages we discovered about intuition-driven decisions. Read our previous installment about the advantages of data-driven decisions.

Advantages of Intuition

1) More opportunity for creativity and curiosity

Data lacks the curiosity and creativity that is necessary in business. In fact, creative breakthroughs often come out of curiosity.

In Fortune article delving into the…

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