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What’s Wrong with Profitable Sustainability?

Virtually every publication – local, trade, business, consumer – has special issues or sections on sustainability or “green.” And trade and professional associations have committees, working groups and task forces.

In other words, sustainability has become big business, and many businesses and industries are embracing it. And some are profiting from it, which is why there are 3 P’s. Invariably, there are many critics – people who question the motives. Despite some notable exceptions such as the World Wildlife Federation, many environmentalists don’t want to give credit even where it’s due.

From my seat, the problem with many activists is all they talk about is an organization’s motives. But what about actions and results? They should count more than motives and words.

Greenwashing is bad business, but bashing companies making good environmental progress is bad behavior by activists. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

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