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Still in Hot Pursuit of the Three P’s: Focus on Energy Efficiency

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: What the world needs now more than ever are the Three P’s. All three of them.

Unfortunately, the management and communications of People, Planet, Profit are proving much more difficult in these tough times.  How can we talk about People when the layoffs are piling up and unemployment is moving toward 10 percent?  As for Profit, with many corporate bottom lines plummeting, what could we possibly have to say?

But sustainability and the Three P’s are much more of a long-term value proposition than a short-term measure of success or failure.  Initiatives that involve and support communities and employees (even if there are fewer of them), that reduce waste and pollution (even if they’re not perfect), and that save money (even if it doesn’t turn into profit) are still good business and sustainability.

Sure, budgets are tighter than ever, but there are still win-win-wins to be pursued. Of everything I have read and seen, increasing energy efficiency at home, in your community and at work is close to a sure thing in addressing all Three P’s. 

A 15 percent reduction in energy use is a great goal – and the People, Planet and Profit all stand to benefit. Good report on the subject from the Environmental Leader, a must-read e-newsletter for business leaders.

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