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Resolving to Balance the Three Ps in the New Year

It’s new year’s resolution time, and you know what that means: lots of people intent on losing 20 pounds or quitting smoking.  And, in 2010, there will be plenty of people committing to “go green.”

Like those other resolutions that seldom become reality, the “go green” folks will quickly find themselves having over-promised and under-delivering.  It’s just not sustainable.

So, for a truly sustainable commitment, resolve to balance the Three Ps in your life:

People – be kinder and more patient with your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, customers, and treat yourself better, with at least three additional “healthy” meals per week

Planet – use less packaging, reuse and recycle more, walk or bike for short trips, and use energy wisely

Profit – ride the wave of economic turnaround, buy only what you need and really want, save at least a little, and explore lower-cost hobbies and vacations

It’s not any one person’s responsibility to save the world or the world economy, but resolving to address and balance the Three Ps is a decent place to start.  Happy new year!

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