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Ready for Recovery

I’ve been having a lot of conversations about what it’s going to take to be ready for the recovery — ready to succeed instead of just survive. The challenge in being ready is that we all know things have changed, but not necessarily which changes will stick and what others are ahead. 

We know the people our success depends on will act differently, but we’re not sure exactly how. With customers using different resources and filters to make buying decisions, how should companies adapt sales and marketing to be relevant once spending ramps up? What should they do to capture a fair share of investment dollars when traumatized investors come back into the market? How can they hold on to the best employees and attract the new ones they’ll inevitably need when the fight for talent kicks back into gear? 

Over the coming months, Communications Matters will offer perspective on issues that impact the communications profession — and vice versa. Today we’re offering an overview of the changes we see ahead. In each of the next four weeks we’ll take a deeper dive into the shifts we anticipate among investors, customers, employees and the media. We know there’s a lot of great thinking going  into this issue and we’ll be looking for your insights and other ideas that businesses should consider in planning for the recovery. 

So now we’ll turn it over to you. What differences do you think the communications profession will face when we emerge from the economic downturn? What kind of changes are you contemplating or would you recommend? We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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