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New aggregators are more than enemies of newspapers

Newspapers and news aggregators are mutual enemies, right? After all, newspapers are sick and tired of paying their journalists to produce news coverage, only to have search engines steal it away.

Or is this all bad? After all, with the growing amount of information on the Web, we all need help finding the information we want. Isn’t there an opportunity for news organizations to be content provider and news aggregator?

Something to consider as you review the amazing array of aggregators available on the Internet. Here is one that never fails to amaze me with some interesting tidbit.

You can find mainstream articles such as this one on whales from the New York Times or read about the default state of the human brain. All from the same aggregator.

This aggregator for Twitter will give you the most discussed topics on Twitter at any given moment. I like because it allows you to review news from a variety of sources, based on topics such as business, entertainment or sports.

If you are a politics junkie, you might want to look at

Whatever your interests, you can likely find an aggregator to organize the mountains of information available to you.

Is this really a danger to media who spend a great deal of money to generate much of this content? Perhaps. More likely, it will generate increased interest in a topic, and direct traffic to sites with good and interesting information.

We all want more, better organized, information. Do you have a favorite aggregator to share?

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