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Give Walmart Credit: Sustainability Blog Shows Leadership

Walmart’s sustainability blog, The Green Room, is less than a week old.  And the conversation is in full swing.  The January 3 announcement of the blog drew more than 70 comments – mostly positive, but, as far as I can tell, even the not-so-flattering comments are being accepted and responded to.

Some might say that the creation of the blog and the regular postings by Andrea Thomas, Walmart’s SVP of sustainability, already show leadership.  But that’s just the beginning – the outbound communication.

The openness to incoming communication, respond to the comments and eventually act, where appropriate, on the feedback, are, and will be, the bigger issues.  Early indications are that this blog is not just about communication, but conversation.  And transparency.  And ideas that can be put into action.  Good luck to The Green Room. 

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