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Communicating to employees about Ebola

Some clients have asked for our view of what they should be communicating to their employees regarding the Ebola situation in the wake of the news of the nurse who traveled to and from Cleveland Hopkins Airport while apparently carrying the disease. Given that virtually all public health experts say there is an extremely remote chance of additional exposure or infections as a result of her visit here, our recommendation to clients is to take a reactive stance but be ready to refer employees to available online or other resources to answer their questions. If an organization instead wishes to proactively offer this information, we developed the below language to provide via email or employee intranet. For organizations that did have employees traveling on the aircraft or that did come in contact with the nurse, we recommend issuing more comprehensive communications than what is below to describe the actions they are taking, from cleaning/sanitizing facilities overnight to temporarily closing facilities and/or furloughing potentially exposed employees.

As many of you know and has been widely reported, a nurse now diagnosed with Ebola visited Northeast Ohio this past weekend and potentially exposed travelers and residents to the disease. We have no indication that any of our employees had contact with the nurse, nor did any employee travel on the same flight or on the same aircraft that flew additional segments until being taken out of service for additional cleaning last night. It is our firm belief that there is virtually no possibility that these recent events will lead to a broader outbreak of Ebola and that our employees are not in any danger. As many of you may have questions or concerns about this situation, we are providing the following information sources to anyone that has questions. We encourage all employees to follow the prescribed precautionary actions recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) but to otherwise maintain normal activities unless otherwise directed by your manager.

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