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Cleveland – National Leadership in Sustainability … Meetings and Organizations

Cleveland is rallying around sustainability, including green jobs, alternative energy, a sustainable lifestyle, etc. We have lots of organizations and committees, and are holding countless meetings and summits. Many past special emphasis programs have fallen short because of no grand plan, little coordination, and much more talk and posturing than measurable, sustainable progress.

The players in sustainability are many and their positive energy is impressive, so maybe this time the path and the results will be different.

Here are some notable issue-specific groups to follow: Cleveland Sustainability Summit participants, which was led by Mayor Frank Jackson and now includes more than 20 sub-groups; Entrepreneurs 4 Sustainability (E4S); Corporate Sustainability Network; GreenCityBlueLake Institute; Fowler Center for Sustainable Value; Great Lakes Energy Development Task Force; Great Lakes Energy Institute; Great Lakes WIND Network; and NorTech’s Advanced Energy Initiative – in addition organizations with broader agendas that include sustainability.

That’s a lot of activity, but please don’t automatically equate activity with achievement. We have plenty of good ideas and true believers who can be activated. The question is “can we execute”?  Can we make measurable, sustainable progress without creating yet another series of groups and sub-groups, the “committees to oversee the committees”?

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