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Why social media listening matters

Did you know 75 percent of organizations don’t know where or how their key audiences are talking about them? That’s kind of a shocking number when you think about how many people use social media – 69 percent of Americans according to Pew Research Center – and when you realize less than 10 percent of tweets directly mention a brand.

To help companies know what conversations are out there, more marketers are turning to social media listening.

Before we get into why it matters, let’s back up and discuss what social media listening is. According to Sprout Social, social listening involves “tracking conversations around specific phrases, words or brands, and then leveraging them to discover opportunities or create content for those audiences.”

What’s important to…

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7 questions to ask when developing your email subscriber growth strategy

Email marketing is continually named one of the most effective ways to communicate directly to customers – and it’s no surprise. According to recent surveys, 75 percent of companies agree email delivers “excellent” ROI, and time spent checking email among white-collar workers in the United States increased 17 percent year-over-year in 2016.

So how does a B2B marketer capitalize on this? Whether you have already established an email newsletter program or are just getting started, developing a sound subscriber growth strategy can be the best place to start.

Strategically growing your organization’s email list ensures that you are reaching a wider audience with your direct communications and that this wider audience is relevant to your business objectives.

Here are…

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5 turnkey ways to amplify your media placement

In today’s continuous news cycle, the average lifespan of an article is 2.6 days. So how can you ensure your media placement lives longer? Here are five tried-and-true ways to leverage your placement:

1. Cross-promote on social media

The quickest way to amplify your media placement is to share across the organization’s social media channels. This way, people who follow your brand, whether on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or all of the above, will see the piece, read it and share it with their peers.

When cross-promoting on social media, think of the unique audiences your organization has on each channel. Will your Facebook audience value your placement about a specific trend in your industry as much as your LinkedIn or Twitter audience? If the answer is…

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Fantasy Social: LinkedIn Publishing vs. Medium

Like football, B2B social media isn’t always won with extra points and field goals. Sometimes it’s a four-quarter effort to get as many touchdowns as possible. Ten-second videos and 140-character messages can sometimes bring in the win for your organization’s social media efforts, but more often than not, long-form storytelling can be the offensive play strategy that gets the best results.

In this round of Fantasy Social, I’ll be putting LinkedIn Publishing and Medium in a head-to-head competition to see which storytelling platform might work best for your B2B Business. (For a refresher on the criteria used in Fantasy Social, check out this post from my fellow analyst Lisa Zone).

LinkedIn Publishing is an extension of LinkedIn and allows individuals to write…

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