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Why you need 3 strategies for great communications

When we embark on projects for existing or new clients, we usually move quickly into discussions on strategy. It may be tempting to jump into tactics, but we believe that should be the last step, not the first.  If you’re thinking that communication strategy is what will inform those tactics, you’re right. But there are two other strategies to consider before that one. Only when all three are considered can you be sure your communications plan is the best it can be. 

1. Business Strategy. As organizations, we should ensure that our business strategy is at the root of all we do. Who are we and who are we not? What are we offering, what are our points of differentiation and what is our market position?  Are we the high-performance option, the fastest solution, the…

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How to balance humanity with digital communications

In a recent client meeting, a cross-functional group from a large B2B company discussed their favorite parts of the corporate culture. Almost all of the examples involved in-person events with real live human interaction. Imagine that! We heard about birthday celebrations, new product parties, family cook-outs and community involvement days. Nevertheless, the conversation eventually turned to technology. We covered how to leverage in-office video screens, take advantage of a new human resources information system (HRIS) and which employee communications apps to use. Can these seemingly opposite approaches (digital and human) co-exist? We believe they can – and must – co-exist for optimal internal and external communications.

As new technologies take off, the…

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How Starbucks, DuPont and GE are expanding the possibilities of digital marketing

Marketing? There’s an app for that. And it might be more advanced than you think. We know big brands – B2C and B2B – are employing mobile technology to enhance sales and after-sales processes. But these companies also are stepping up their efforts to integrate apps with new technologies that help customers become more efficient no matter where they are. Here are few recent examples:

1. Starbucks Voice Ordering

Starbucks is betting big on the growth of “conversational commerce.” They’re working to optimize voice ordering capability by integrating with Amazon’s Alexa skills system and with Ford’s Sync3 system. Why wait to order in a store when you can order in your home or car? And why bother using your fingers on your phone when you can simply speak up? Taking…

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The 5 essential levels of B2B influencer marketing

News Flash!  Influencer marketing isn’t just for B2C brands.  But B2B influencer marketing is more involved than you might think.  While Gucci can easily send a free handbag to a popular fashion blogger, it’s hard to send samples of chemical compounds, high-end fittings or fabric roofs.  Yet, all B2B companies have influencers and a number of new tools at their disposal to reach them.  The trick is identifying who they are and engaging them properly.

Influencer Marketing

There are lots of definitions, but I like this one from Lee Odden:  “Influencer marketing is the practice of engaging and collaborating with internal and industry experts that have active networks to help achieve measurable business goals.”  Influencers have been around forever, right?  A potter…

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Digital intelligence: 6 reasons you need it more than ever

It’s hard to imagine any marketing initiative that doesn’t have digital woven into the very fabric of the effort. We’re working daily to optimize our websites, email, social and media channels. We don’t lack options – just the opposite. Sometimes we’re overwhelmed with the choices, as well as with software salespeople promising breakthrough transformation. The tools and the tactics are so prevalent they’ve become table stakes. 

So, what can differentiate companies and brands now? Strategy. Linking communications strategy to overall business strategy. Aligning tactics to the targets. Now that everything’s digital, smarter application of its power separates mastery from mediocrity. Here are six reasons you need digital intelligence more than ever:

  1. Your competition…
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