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Investors are using digital and social media. Are you?

Here’s a surprising truth: investors and analysts are starting to pay greater attention to websites and social media for information. In fact, the recently released study from The Brunswick Group on the use of digital and social media by the investment community reinforces what we’ve been hearing anecdotally. Although, as the study confirms, the investment community still prefers to go directly to the company for information, digital and social media are growing in importance.

Consider these data points from The Brunswick Group’s 2014 study:

  • 59 percent of investors read blogs for work, 26 percent use social networks for work and 30 percent use micro-blogging services for work
  • 1 in 7 investors made an investment decision based on a mosaic constructed around a…
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The War for Talent Is a Skills and a Communications Issue

The smoldering “War for Talent” within the manufacturing sector has evolved into a full-fledged conflict. And it promises to pinch manufacturers more keenly in the coming years.

A 2011 study from Deloitte Consulting and The Manufacturing Institute declared that the skills gap between what workers are trained to do and what manufacturers need them to do is hampering hiring, as well as the ability to innovate and grow. Adding to the problem, many manufacturers depended on outdated approaches for finding the right people. Deloitte predicted the skills gap to widen.

Eli Lilly Chairman, President and CEO John Lechleiter recently wrote in a post on that there are 600,000 vacant jobs within the manufacturing sector that could be filled today if educational…

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The real danger of social media

I’ve been thinking a lot about this, and have concluded that the danger of social media isn’t just what is said there about you. The real danger of social media is what you don’t say there about yourself.

Obviously danger can lurk in social networks and blogs.

The creator of Napster – also formerly president of Facebook – complained bitterly when social media noted that he paid millions in fines to settle a government complaint over construction work he had conducted on a site planned for his wedding in a protected forest. He criticized the “rehashing and regurgitating of nonsense news, contrived to tell whatever seems to be the most sensational story…”

Similarly there is danger in how news media use social media.

When news broke of the school shootings in…

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Protecting Your Brand In the Age of the “Twitter Hack”

Protecting your brand is harder than ever in the digital age. Social media gives everyone a “voice” and provides a platform for users to say anything they want about your brand. And, as was the case this week, malicious users sometimes take it a step further – not just saying things about your brand, but providing a “rebranding” you hadn’t counted on.

Take the latest cases of Twitter hacking: Burger King (@BurgerKing), Jeep (@Jeep), MTV (@MTV) and BET (@BET) had their Twitter accounts hacked, and all were rebranded to a competitor brand and overtaken with a barrage of obscenities and otherwise unseemly messages. And those incidents were not limited to social media – many media outlets, including the Associated Press and Mashable, reported on the hacks as news…

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