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One big challenge between you and content marketing success

This just in… media matter more to the success of content marketing than anyone imagined.

What makes this not just surprising but perhaps even stunning is that it was the changes in the media that gave rise to content marketing to begin with.

Now, instead of relying totally on the media to tell a story, more companies are beginning to tell their own stories.

The problem is, most companies can’t even come close to telling all the stories they have to tell.

Here’s what I mean…

First, to be honest, content marketing didn’t just arise from the changes in the news media.

Content marketing also came about from the realization that what customers in particular want from every company or organization is answers to problems.

That is, what you sell is less important…

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Know the rules to avoid being removed from an NTSB investigation

Major transportation accidents such as plane crashes and train wrecks usually draw a National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigation into the cause and ways to prevent future accidents.

Last weekend’s train derailment in New York City, which killed four people and injured 67 others, is currently under such scrutiny. As is typical, the investigation is highly charged, garnering intense media attention and featuring a full range of people with a vested interest in the outcome, from the railway company to the families of victims and the union representing the train’s operator. Politicians are jumping into the fray, grandstanding for TV cameras with their demands for accountability, and no doubt plaintiff attorneys are circling like vultures.

The NTSB’s job…

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How Facebook Makes Local Journalism DIY

There was a recent study from Pew Research Center that you might have seen. It certainly grabbed my attention. It was titled, “The Role of News on Facebook: Common Yet Incidental.”

Allegedly the most important finding from the report, which Pew conducted in collaboration with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, was that almost 80% of respondents get news on Facebook when they are on the site for other reasons. In other words, they discovered the news by accident.

That was a novelty that drove a lot of media coverage. But the novelty factor did not mean much to me. The fact is that even if they’re getting it by accident, 80% of people get news on Facebook.

But here is what stopped me as I read the report – 65% of people on Facebook are looking for news…

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The real danger of social media

I’ve been thinking a lot about this, and have concluded that the danger of social media isn’t just what is said there about you. The real danger of social media is what you don’t say there about yourself.

Obviously danger can lurk in social networks and blogs.

The creator of Napster – also formerly president of Facebook – complained bitterly when social media noted that he paid millions in fines to settle a government complaint over construction work he had conducted on a site planned for his wedding in a protected forest. He criticized the “rehashing and regurgitating of nonsense news, contrived to tell whatever seems to be the most sensational story…”

Similarly there is danger in how news media use social media.

When news broke of the school shootings in…

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