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What “Simultaneous” Really Means

Thanks to the Securities and Exhange Commission (SEC) and stock exchange requirements, investor relations officers are acutely aware of the need to issue material news, such as earnings, in a manner that all recipients receive simultaneously.  Prior to the SEC’s Regulation Fair Disclosure and before technology advancements, that used to be a lot easier given that newswire services were the main and reliable vehicle for distributing material news. 

Today, however, as Twitter recently learned when its first-quarter earnings announcement was released prematurely, even the briefest mishap can set off an unfortunate chain of unintended consequences in just a few seconds.

What can we learn from this?  For one thing, technology has become so sophisticated that once…

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Meerkat, Periscope and disclosure: livestreaming apps for investor relations

New apps are being developed and promoted every day.  There are certainly good ones that take off and duds that never go anywhere. And most may seem irrelevant for investor relations, especially at first glance. But in the case of Meerkat and Periscope, two new livestreaming apps, we urge IROs to pay attention – and get excited by the possibilities.

In case you haven’t read about these tools or tried them yourself, here’s a little background from USA Today “Assuming you have a decent connection, you can turn into an instant broadcaster by tapping a button inside the Meerkat or Periscope app on your iPhone; Android versions are on the roadmap. Video is streamed in real time over Twitter to what you hope are an adoring fan base of friends and followers.”


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Content is king in the quarterly earnings call

Quarterly earnings calls should be a win-win for everyone. Companies get to deliver their messages to a relatively captive investor audience, while investors get direct access to the senior management team and immediate answers to their questions. And yet, it’s common for both parties to feel disappointed and even frustrated at the end of the call. Management may feel the questioners focused too much on short-term or technical issues and not enough on long-term strategies, while investors might complain that the company didn’t provide any new or useful information beyond what was already in the release.

As with most communications, content is king. For quarterly earnings calls, higher-quality content in the prepared remarks can lead to a richer subsequent…

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5 easy ways to elevate your proxy package

Much has been written about thought leadership and best practices related to proxy materials. No doubt much of it is great advice, but many investor relations professionals are crunched for time and resources. Or maybe the proxy is largely handled by a different department in your company (Legal, perhaps).

Whatever the case, an overhaul of your proxy might seem out of reach. But in truth, there are several easy and practical ways to elevate your company’s proxy package, make for easier reading and better inform voters. Here are five of my favorite tips that are based on the current season and what I see as common sense for digesting a proxy: 

1) Guide investors to key information

A simple table of contents goes a long way. Point out exactly where in the proxy…

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7 tips for making the most of your analyst/investor day

Companies have been hosting analyst days for forever. While they have certainly evolved over the years, the premise – and promise – of these company-hosted events remains the same: the opportunity to tell your company’s story directly to a room full of key investors and analysts.  

Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Sure. But our experience with our clients indicates that companies are looking for ways to get more of out their event. After all, a lot of work goes into making analyst days happen. The chance to be in front of such key people all at once is worth the extra effort.

‘Tis the season for analyst days, so here are a few tips for making the most of yours:

1) Reconsider the “day.”

Many companies are moving away from an all-day or even half-day event to…

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