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Grappling with Non-GAAP Disclosure

As investor relations and corporate communications officers gear up for the summer round of quarterly reporting, the process promises to be more harried than usual as a result of heightened scrutiny by the Securities and Exchange Commission of non-GAAP reporting. Many companies will grapple with revisions to the wording and structure of their earnings releases. Others may need to significantly revise the template they have used for years.

Here are five Dos and Don’ts for making sure your reporting conforms with the new SEC Compliance and Disclosure Interpretations regarding the use of non-GAAP financial measures without distracting from a true financial picture.

1) Don’t Overreact.

Non-GAAP metrics have gotten a bad name due to blatant abuse by a small number of…

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How do investor relations and sustainability keep missing each other?

The investor relations and sustainability fields recently missed a rare opportunity to collaborate and build relationships that could have long-term benefits. Earlier this month, both the 2016 National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) Annual Conference and Sustainable Brands 2016 were held in San Diego, occurring simultaneously about a 15-minute drive away from each other. We wish the organizers of the two events had agreed to do something together, but they did not. It was a lost opportunity, in our view, although the shared goals and need for collaboration may be a foregone conclusion.

The fact is investor relations and sustainability are increasingly being pushed together by growing interest in socially responsible investing, integrated reporting,…

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The Enduring Power of the Earnings Report

How important are quarterly earnings releases and conference calls in an era of abundant information and nanosecond trading?  Very important, according to a recent study co-authored by Stanford professor Maureen McNichols. The study found that even in today’s environment, the earnings report and conference call not only have the ability to move markets (“during the three days surrounding quarterly reports, share prices are four times as likely to have big moves as they typically do”) but also can serve as indicators of how stocks will continue to move in the months ahead. 

Jeff Sommer of The New York Times also recently stated in an article that earnings reports can still move markets and traditional metrics still matter, especially when investors are looking for a…

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What’s to hide? Will FASB proposal materially limit transparency?

For public companies, materiality has long been at the center of best-practice investor relations.  Our experience has been that more open, transparent communications by companies typically leads to better relationships with investors, a level playing field and more accurate valuations.  In the wake of the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s stunning proposal to change the definition of materiality, we invited a seasoned financial services executive to offer his perspective on what the FASB is proposing. 

Armando Ramírez (MAcc, MBA) has held senior-level positions at large financial services companies in the U.S.  During his 17-year tenure at National City Corporation he primarily worked in strategic planning, corporate development and executed over 50…

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The case against stand-alone Investor Relations Twitter accounts

When a company chooses to be more active with its investor relations (IR) content on Twitter, one of the first decision points revolves around whether to create a separate IR Twitter account or to incorporate IR content into the company’s existing corporate Twitter account.

(Technically this decision applies across all social media channels, but as I’ve written before, Twitter is the easiest and most commonly used social media tool for sharing IR content.)

To be clear, I’m in favor of incorporating IR content into an existing corporate account. Thus, I was glad to see Nestlé announce it is shutting down its @Nestle_IR account and directing followers to the corporate @Nestle feed. 

If you’re on the fence about whether a single corporate account or a stand-alone…

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