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The case against stand-alone Investor Relations Twitter accounts

When a company chooses to be more active with its investor relations (IR) content on Twitter, one of the first decision points revolves around whether to create a separate IR Twitter account or to incorporate IR content into the company’s existing corporate Twitter account.

(Technically this decision applies across all social media channels, but as I’ve written before, Twitter is the easiest and most commonly used social media tool for sharing IR content.)

To be clear, I’m in favor of incorporating IR content into an existing corporate account. Thus, I was glad to see Nestlé announce it is shutting down its @Nestle_IR account and directing followers to the corporate @Nestle feed. 

If you’re on the fence about whether a single corporate account or a stand-alone…

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Strong themes abound in annual reports

From differentiation to discipline, consistency to partnership, the most recent annual report season featured a variety of strong themes as companies endeavored to tell their stories in new and compelling ways. Here are a few notable examples:


A flexible set of colors and design elements has helped Sherwin-Williams present a consistent brand identity from year to year.  Distinctive colors and photography highlight the company’s four reportable segments throughout each report, as well as the company overview and geographic reach map. As a result, the three latest reports have an impactful, consistent style that reflects the company’s leadership and strong financial performance in the paints and coatings industry.

Fairmount Santrol – Defining…

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From the investor’s perspective: Insights on corporate governance discussions with management

Last week’s NIRI annual conference in Chicago was full of great learning and networking opportunities as well as insights into the latest technologies for the world of investor relations. During my time at the conference, I had the opportunity to participate in a really interesting session featuring three corporate governance professionals representing institutional investment firms TIAA CREF, Northern Trust and T. Rowe Price.

At Dix & Eaton, we’ve always believed there is value in meeting with the corporate governance professionals responsible for making proxy voting decisions for your investors – in addition to the portfolio manager making the investment decisions.  This discussion reinforced our view and belief that the trend of corporate governance roadshows…

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10 ways IROs can keep the internal lines of communication open, too

Investor relations professionals spend a good portion of their time communicating with external audiences – buy-side analysts, portfolio managers, sell-side analysts, retail investors, proxy advisory firms, media and more.  And rightly so, since they are tasked with telling their company’s investable story and managing relationships with the Street.  

At the same time, with the competition for capital increasing and activists becoming more numerous and aggressive, IROs are being additionally challenged to keep their key internal constituencies up to speed regarding investor engagement and sentiment. We are working with more and more of our clients to implement best practices for communicating with their internal audiences – particularly the senior management team…

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What “Simultaneous” Really Means

Thanks to the Securities and Exhange Commission (SEC) and stock exchange requirements, investor relations officers are acutely aware of the need to issue material news, such as earnings, in a manner that all recipients receive simultaneously.  Prior to the SEC’s Regulation Fair Disclosure and before technology advancements, that used to be a lot easier given that newswire services were the main and reliable vehicle for distributing material news. 

Today, however, as Twitter recently learned when its first-quarter earnings announcement was released prematurely, even the briefest mishap can set off an unfortunate chain of unintended consequences in just a few seconds.

What can we learn from this?  For one thing, technology has become so sophisticated that once…

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