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7 tips for making the most of your analyst/investor day

Companies have been hosting analyst days for forever. While they have certainly evolved over the years, the premise – and promise – of these company-hosted events remains the same: the opportunity to tell your company’s story directly to a room full of key investors and analysts.  

Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Sure. But our experience with our clients indicates that companies are looking for ways to get more of out their event. After all, a lot of work goes into making analyst days happen. The chance to be in front of such key people all at once is worth the extra effort.

‘Tis the season for analyst days, so here are a few tips for making the most of yours:

1) Reconsider the “day.”

Many companies are moving away from an all-day or even half-day event to…

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Congrats to Gregg LaBar on his promotion

I have always loved the Ken Blanchard quote that “None of us is as smart as all of us” because of the implication that success comes from collective wisdom and teamwork. That’s certainly the case at Dix & Eaton, where – as a professional services firm – our people, and their commitment, dedication and expertise, make all the difference in terms of performance and great client service.

This week we’re announcing the promotion of Gregg LaBar to managing director at the firm, and it’s a prime example of one individual who makes a huge impact by being a great teammate. A 16-year employee at Dix & Eaton, Gregg is a senior leader responsible for heading our Sustainability/Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practice, while also co-directing efforts for our Energy and…

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Outliers and broken windows – SEC vows closer scrutiny of financial reporting and audit fraud

After several years of focusing primarily on litigation and other actions stemming from the financial crisis, the Securities and Exchange Commission has indicated that it will now be looking toward other areas, including financial reporting and audit fraud. Andrew Ceresney, the SEC’s head of enforcement, recently commented to the Wall Street Journal CFO Network that his agency’s watchdogs will be looking more closely for red flags at corporations as well as audit firms that could indicate fraudulent activity or cover-ups.

And SEC Chairwoman Mary Jo White has stated that one of the commission’s goals is to see that the enforcement program is everywhere, both in actuality and perception, “pursuing all types of violations of our federal securities laws, big and…

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10-point checklist: live-tweeting for investor relations

Social media is definitely a hot topic in the investor relations community these days. Often, live-tweeting features prominently in these discussions – and there are many companies doing a great job with live-tweeting earnings calls, investor/analyst days, etc. But if you’ve never live-tweeted an event, it can be daunting, especially for investor relations professionals who are short-handed and worried about Reg FD, among other things.

With that in mind, here’s a quick 10-point checklist to guide you when live-tweeting for investor relations:

1) Choose your channel (but also cross-promote)

If you are live-tweeting, you don’t need to also post live updates to Facebook, for example, but you could let Facebook followers know that you are live-tweeting. Post a link…

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Congrats to our colleagues on their promotions

It’s always one of my favorite days when we get to recognize the great work of high-performing colleagues by promoting them. We recently had the chance to celebrate three members of the D&E team, naming David Hertz managing director, Stephanie Harig account executive and Sarah Hihn director of human resources.

David, a former journalist and Pulitzer Prize-winning editor at The Akron Beacon Journal, has been a member of D&E’s media relations group since joining the firm almost a decade ago. He puts his 20 years of journalism experience to work counseling clients on media relations, crisis communications and corporate communications strategy.

Stephanie is a member of the firm’s investor relations and sustainability practices, though colleagues pull her into projects…

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