Sharing Northeast Ohio’s story with international audiences

As the 2016 Republican National Convention draws near, we invited Rick Batyko, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Communications and Development of Team NEO to offer his perspective on the unique opportunity this long-awaited event provides our region to tell its story to national and international audiences. For more on the efforts to share our region’s story, check out these recent posts from Chas Withers and Amy McGahan.

When Cleveland won the Republican National Convention in 2014, it was a moment of civic pride and initiated a two-year opportunity to tell the evolving story of Northeast Ohio’s resurgence into a great place to do business, live and work. The fact that the Cavaliers won the NBA Championship this month is the icing that goes on our communications…

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Everything is earned in a championship city

As our CEO Chas Withers wrote recently, Dix & Eaton has always been a champion of Cleveland and eager to help tell the city’s story to the world. And as a media relations professional, I’ve noticed lately that media far beyond the county line are becoming eager to listen – and not just because our beloved Cavaliers have become world champs.

I’ve been a Clevelander for half my life now. Even though I was born and raised in black-and-gold territory, this city is my second hometown and I am thrilled that it is enjoying so much positive attention and interest from across the nation and around the world.

For almost two years, Cleveland’s political, business and civic leaders have been planning for the Republican National Convention, which is now less than a month away.…

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How do investor relations and sustainability keep missing each other?

The investor relations and sustainability fields recently missed a rare opportunity to collaborate and build relationships that could have long-term benefits. Earlier this month, both the 2016 National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) Annual Conference and Sustainable Brands 2016 were held in San Diego, occurring simultaneously about a 15-minute drive away from each other. We wish the organizers of the two events had agreed to do something together, but they did not. It was a lost opportunity, in our view, although the shared goals and need for collaboration may be a foregone conclusion.

The fact is investor relations and sustainability are increasingly being pushed together by growing interest in socially responsible investing, integrated reporting,…

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Telling Cleveland’s story to the world

At D&E, we’ve always been proud of our hometown, even when “Cleveland” was often a punch line. It’s something that Messrs. Dix and Eaton instilled in our culture when they created their little company here more than 60 years ago, and it has been passed down through generations of colleagues.

What an opportunity.

We’ve had countless opportunities over the years to dispel misperceptions and tell far-reaching audiences about Cleveland’s many attributes. Without question, however, nothing has presented a bigger opportunity than the rapidly approaching Republican National Convention.

As a member of the Host Committee and through our work with several other organizations as well, we are playing an important role in telling Cleveland’s story to the literally thousands…

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Sustainability Storytelling: More than just an annual opportunity

Issuing a regular (usually annual, sometimes biennial) CSR/sustainability report is now standard practice for many companies. Others will most likely be doing so in the next three to five years.  Of course, such reports can be quite a bit of work to pull together, with input and content coming from many sources within the company. On the other hand, it’s a great opportunity to be able to share a rich picture of all the sustainability/CSR activity that took place during the year.

I find it a shame, however, when companies confine all of their great content – examples, stories, data points, photos, etc. – only within the sustainability report. Once the report is published, these companies rely on readers to find the report themselves and read the entire thing in…

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