Big Data vs. Intuition in Business Decisions (Part 1)

This post was cowritten by our fall intern, Angela Martin.

The desire to make better decisions as quickly as possible has led to an even bigger push around data and analytics, specifically in making data-driven decisions. But does intuition still play a role? A review of recent commentary suggests there are strong arguments on both sides of the man vs. machine debate. Here are some of the advantages we discovered about data-driven decisions. Read our follow-up blog about the advantages of intuition-driven decisions.

Advantages of Big Data

1) Measures what’s hard to measure

Big data gives companies the opportunity to show hard numbers, ROI and even sentiment. You can’t analyze a gut feeling, but big data provides statistics that can lead to better…

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2015 Planning: KEEP, STOP, START

It’s hard to believe, but 2015 is just around the corner. Many of our clients are already in the throes of budgeting season, which unfortunately means their 2015 budgets often come before their 2015 plans. (That is, if a plan even exists.)

Before you submit your 2015 budget requests, here’s a quick three-step process – KEEP, STOP, START – to help you think through what resources you’ll need. This is a simple way to capture your communications goals for the coming year – and allocate resources accordingly.


What has proven effective and should continue into 2015? What communication tools have the highest usage rate among your target stakeholders? Chances are you have a short list of tools that have proven very successful this year. As the old saying goes, “If…

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Congrats to Gregg LaBar on his promotion

I have always loved the Ken Blanchard quote that “None of us is as smart as all of us” because of the implication that success comes from collective wisdom and teamwork. That’s certainly the case at Dix & Eaton, where – as a professional services firm – our people, and their commitment, dedication and expertise, make all the difference in terms of performance and great client service.

This week we’re announcing the promotion of Gregg LaBar to managing director at the firm, and it’s a prime example of one individual who makes a huge impact by being a great teammate. A 16-year employee at Dix & Eaton, Gregg is a senior leader responsible for heading our Sustainability/Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practice, while also co-directing efforts for our Energy and…

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The King of Late Night… and of Content Marketing: What your B2B brand can learn from Jimmy Fallon

As the Content Marketing World conference and expo descends upon Cleveland this week, I can’t help but think about who’s doing content marketing well. I’ll tell you who I think is doing a great job of content marketing: Jimmy Fallon. He has mastered the art of repurposing content and distributing it across multiple channels, all while keeping the ultimate goal – his audience, not himself – in mind.

So what can your B2B brand learn from Jimmy Fallon’s content marketing efforts?

Create bite-sized pieces of content

Fallon does an excellent job of breaking apart his hour-long show into smaller, more consumable pieces of content, then distributing them across multiple platforms. (Check out The Tonight Show’s Facebook page if you want to see some examples.) How can…

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Policing the police

The world of law enforcement has gotten a lot of scrutiny following the shooting death of Michael Brown at the hands of a police officer in Ferguson, MO. Injustice was perceived, riots ensued, and the news media chose to present it all like footage from a Middle East war zone, not Middle America. It’s not even fair to say that the jury is still out on that matter because the jury hasn’t even been convened yet. But it’s fair to say that the actions of police, particularly when racial relations are overlaid, are already being questioned by the usual lot – activists, media and politicians – and this time, most of America is taking notice.

Clearly, the actions of the Ferguson police department following the teen’s shooting death didn’t help matters. Delaying the…

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