CSR and sustainability communications: Start here

For all of the growing interest in CSR and sustainability communications and reporting, one of the most commonly asked questions is still, “Where do we start?” The easy, wisecrack answer is, “At the beginning, of course.”

For many organizations, the right, practical answer should be, “Wherever you are.”

For example, if you know your organization is involved in sustainability- and CSR-related activities but no one is coordinating and communicating them, the place to start is probably with an internal inventory of what is currently happening. If you’re wondering what your peers or competitors are doing – or if your biggest customer keeps asking what you’re doing to keep up with the state of the art – then an evaluation of current practices, at the good, better, best…

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The Enduring Power of the Earnings Report

How important are quarterly earnings releases and conference calls in an era of abundant information and nanosecond trading?  Very important, according to a recent study co-authored by Stanford professor Maureen McNichols. The study found that even in today’s environment, the earnings report and conference call not only have the ability to move markets (“during the three days surrounding quarterly reports, share prices are four times as likely to have big moves as they typically do”) but also can serve as indicators of how stocks will continue to move in the months ahead. 

Jeff Sommer of The New York Times also recently stated in an article that earnings reports can still move markets and traditional metrics still matter, especially when investors are looking for a…

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16 for ’16:  A Checklist to Tell Your Business Story Better - Part Two

In the first installment of this blog post, we covered eight tips for telling your business story better.  Here are eight more to round out the “16 for ’16” we promised.  While they may seem to cover a wide number of concepts, when combined with the first eight the checklist roughly follows Dix & Eaton’s methodology of “discover, develop, deliver” for content marketing strategy, in which we recommend assessing the situation first, then setting the strategy and finally choosing the tactics…a good approach in almost any situation.

So give these a try: 

9. Write the “children’s book” version of your company story as an internal exercise.  The “once upon a time” is your creation story.  The “big bad wolf” is the main problem your customers face.  You’re Superman.  How…

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What can you learn from Donald Trump?

Before you get snarky and say … more than you think … or … probably not much … pay attention here.

Whether you like what Donald Trump says or not, think about the fact that for months he has dominated coverage of the presidential campaign leaving little time for competitors to be heard.

How many comments from his competitors do you remember? How many of his comments do you remember?  I didn’t say love or hate. I said remember.

“Trump,” commented Nate Silver of the FiveThirtyEight blog, who used analytics to correctly call the 2012 presidential election in all 50 states, “has received about the most disproportionate media coverage ever for a primary candidate.”

There is a reason. Donald Trump is a media genius. A social media and news media genius.

Before any…

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16 for ’16:  A Checklist to Tell Your Business Story Better - Part One

Every day we’re inundated with new marketing ideas promising to change our world.  We can’t possibly try them all, so we try a few.  But when we look back at our marketing messages – our business story – we realize we’ve been saying the same thing for years.  Time out.  Why not resolve this year to say something different?  Something better.  Back to basics.

We want to suggest 16 steps – not all easy, but all important – for recharging your company’s business story.  You don’t need to do them all, but checking off even a few of them will make a big difference.  Best of all, none of these actions involve revolutionary software in the cloud.  In fact, you’ll find these suggestions quite down-to-earth.

Here are the first eight tips:

  1. Rediscover your business story.
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