Finding the right strategy for effective board engagement with shareholders – Part 1 of 3

This is part one of a three-part series on board engagement. Future posts will include perspectives from a public company board member and an institutional investor.

Corporate directors are becoming more involved in shareholder engagement than ever before – not only because of shareholder activism, but also as a proactive strategy to ensure that investors are receiving the right messages and their concerns are addressed.  Their involvement can enhance management presentations by  providing a greater sense of the credibility and commitment of the entire board.

But while a growing number of companies are engaging with investors (see this Investor Responsibility Research Center Institute study), some boards and management teams remain unconvinced about the wisdom of…

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Reflections on a summer in CLE at D&E

As our talented summer interns return to the classroom or move on to begin their careers, we asked them to reflect on their experience at D&E. Each semester our interns leave D&E having been both challenged and empowered to take on real-world work and grow professionally. As you might imagine, first-hand involvement with the Republican National Convention is something they’ll all be putting on their resumes. 

– Angela Almasy and Sarah Hihn, internship coordinators


‘I was not hidden away behind the scenes to do menial work’

The best thing I can say about the Dix & Eaton internship experience is that I don’t feel like an intern. I don’t feel like a student, or an observer or a trainee. The best thing this internship has done for me is prepare me to take on a…

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About hometown and professional pride – and the right moment in time

I’m not a native Clevelander, but having spent pretty much half of my life here I’d say my roots are deep enough for me to claim it as my hometown. And having spent more than half of my career at Dix & Eaton, I can definitely call this my professional home.

So please excuse me if I gush a little about how both of my homes shone during the recent Republican National Convention.

Just as our world champion Cavaliers demonstrated the unified power of a team, Clevelanders defied the critics and showed they could host a major convention and entertain 50,000 people.

In all my years here, I’ve never seen such a successful coalescing of diverse interests around a common purpose.

From Republicans to Democrats, City Hall to corporations, law enforcement to labor unions,…

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Snapshots from downtown

These past several days, a Dix & Eaton strategic communications team fanned out across the city to represent clients, support Cleveland and maximize the communications opportunities associated with the RNC. In some sense, readers of this blog have joined us in this effort.

Now that the RNC is over, we asked our colleagues to recount a notable memory from the experience. Here are their responses:

As my mother would attest, since I was little, I have always been a news junkie.  As a child, I would voluntarily sit through “60 Minutes” and other news programs on a regular basis. So, to see thousands of journalists descend upon our city and watch them work behind the scenes was a thrill to me. And to be a part of helping them with whatever they needed while they were…

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Snapshots from downtown

Snapshots from downtown is a brief roundup of what the D&E team is seeing, hearing and doing leading up to and during the Republican National Convention. For all posts like this, click here.

thursday, July 21, 2016

10 a.m.: JobsOhio and the 2016 Host Committee have collaborated to organize a series of panels geared to economic development. Topics included the future of education, innovative technology, workforce development, urban development and energy.

Beth Mooney, CEO of KeyCorp and co-chair of the 2016 Host Committee, moderated a panel on urban revitalization. A number of area business and government leaders attended, including Joe Roman, President and CEO of the Greater Cleveland Partnership, Chris Ronayne, President of University Circle Inc., County…

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