Policing the police

The world of law enforcement has gotten a lot of scrutiny following the shooting death of Michael Brown at the hands of a police officer in Ferguson, MO. Injustice was perceived, riots ensued, and the news media chose to present it all like footage from a Middle East war zone, not Middle America. It’s not even fair to say that the jury is still out on that matter because the jury hasn’t even been convened yet. But it’s fair to say that the actions of police, particularly when racial relations are overlaid, are already being questioned by the usual lot – activists, media and politicians – and this time, most of America is taking notice.

Clearly, the actions of the Ferguson police department following the teen’s shooting death didn’t help matters. Delaying the…

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GOP, LeBron and 5 tips for implementing a national/international media relations program

Cleveland and Northeast Ohio recently enjoyed a week unlike any other in memory. On a Tuesday, the Republican Party announced it had selected Cleveland from a field of formidable – and some thought far more likely – cities to host the 2016 GOP Convention. Three days later, Akron native LeBron James followed up with the declaration that he was “coming home” to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers, with the goal of bringing the franchise a national championship.

As Northeast Ohioans celebrated two victories of national prominence, many exclaimed that with the spotlight on Northeast Ohio, it was time to…

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Cleaning up with the Kardashians

As more companies, organizations and even government offices get into the social media act, we were given another reminder this week of why it’s important to have some safeguards in place to ensure your communications on social media are being handled thoughtfully and responsibly.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Water learned this lesson the hard way when an intern posted a Tweet promoting the new “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” app where people can join Kardashian on their own Hollywood red carpet “adventure.” Perhaps the intern meant to use his or her personal Twitter account rather than the agency’s account, as it’s easy to forget to toggle back and forth. In any event, while the Tweet was taken down after about three hours, the buzz was already off…

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One big challenge between you and content marketing success

This just in… media matter more to the success of content marketing than anyone imagined.

What makes this not just surprising but perhaps even stunning is that it was the changes in the media that gave rise to content marketing to begin with.

Now, instead of relying totally on the media to tell a story, more companies are beginning to tell their own stories.

The problem is, most companies can’t even come close to telling all the stories they have to tell.

Here’s what I mean…

First, to be honest, content marketing didn’t just arise from the changes in the news media.

Content marketing also came about from the realization that what customers in particular want from every company or organization is answers to problems.

That is, what you sell is less important…

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Take the Crisis Stress Test: Are You Prepared?

Would your company’s reputation survive a major product failure or recall? A serious social media blunder? Major litigation? The death of an employee or customer?

A company’s ability to bounce back after a crisis often comes down to one key factor: how well it prepared before the crisis. Unfortunately, we see companies – too many companies – wait until after a cataclysmic event strikes to create a crisis communications manual, train top executives for speaking with media or set up a “dark” website.

Crisis preparedness is not necessarily a pleasant task, and it’s easy to put off for another day when there’s no looming crisis on the horizon. But, despite the reluctance or procrastination of some organizations, investing in crisis preparedness remains a critical…

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